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20 Year of Trailer Park Boys – Sam Losco

Sam Losco has run some greasy fuckin’ businesses over the years, from cut-price veterinarian (and bullet removal surgeon) to dentist and greasy porno star. He even set up as plastic surgeon, calling himself the ‘Botox King’. Fuck off Sam, all the botox in the world can’t disguise those fuckin’ cave lips!! #TPB20

John Dunsworth Day of Kindness

Today is the John Dunsworth Day of Kindness! Whether it’s helping out a friend or neighbour, picking up garbage, paying it forward at the cafe or being kind to a stranger, every little helps! ❤️ #DayofKindness

TPB Christmas Tour – Important News

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving the health of an integral member of the touring party, the 20th Anniversary Sunnyvale Xmas Tour is canceled.

“Well our Christmas plans have gone to shit. Everything’s going to be ok, but we had to make one of the hardest decisions today and cancel the tour. We want to say sorry to all of you and it’s basically all Randy’s fault… not really, but we feel better saying that. We will come back and get drunk as fuck with all of you. We love you guys.”

Refunds will be available at the point of purchase.