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New at SwearNet.com – Rollin’ Right into Heaven – on a Flock of Reindeer

It’s FRIDAY, fuckers, and time for a new Park After Dark! Terry’s back in Sunnyvale, and he’s making himself at home! He’ll only be there for one or 10 days, no big fuckin’ deal. The Boys discuss fighting bears, the science of heaty and coldy, and storming Area 51. Also: Ricky and Terry retell the story of baby Jesus! They might have got a few details wrong though…

New at SwearNet.com – Greenmount

Greenmount comedy series comes to SwearNet.com!

🔥GREENMOUNT HAS LANDED AT SWEARNET.COM! 🔥We’ve got two episodes for ya – and non-subscribers can watch the first episode for fuckin’ FREE!

Episode 1: When you’re too fucked up to get fucked up, you need a tolerance break. And it’s a good thing to have a buddy to help you through it.

Episode 2: Eddie’s got a sticky personal problem, so his concerned buddies stage an intervention. Before they fucking kill him.

New at SwearNet.com – We Don’t Fuck With Anyone, So Don’t Fuck With Us

On today’s Park After Dark: It’s the Canada Day long weekend and Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are already fucked up! They try some ‘hair of the dog’ and discuss awesome Canada facts, pig holes in hot dogs, boob farms, and the best way to steam Bubbles’ buns. Also: The Boys write the new Canadian national anthem!