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New at SwearNet.com – Light a Candle for Neil Peart

On today’s Park After Dark: Grab a drink, crank up the RUSH and light a candle for the greatest fuckin’ drummer in the world – but don’t be sad, Bubbles’ got yer belly! Also: Fucked world news, Diego the banging turtle, flying to the moon, and Ricky’s butter pudding blueberry yogurt!

Watch now or SwearNet.com, or listen to the podcast version on iTunes, Spotify and all decent podcast apps from Monday!

New at SwearNet.com – 2020, the Year of the Hindsight

Holy flyin’ fuck it’s the 10th day of 2020 already – where the fuck did that go?!! The Boys have finally recovered from their holiday partying, and are good to go… except for one! Will his new one-a-week fruit diet get him healthy?

They also discuss the dangers of flying with weed, the Australian bushfire disaster, and some DECENT news from deep space. Also: on (or off) the fuckin’ menu – camel burgers and butter yogurt! Watch the latest Park After Dark right ta fuck now!

New at SwearNet.com – Best Fuckin’ Christmas Ever

MERRY CHRISTMAS, FUCKERS!! On the special, festively fucked episode of Park After Dark, there’s double dip chicken fingers for dinner, a shit-ton of weed, awesome presents under the tree, and a stolen inflatable Santa. Time for a DECENT nine-day Christmas party in Sunnyvale! There’s even a visit from a fucked little elf!

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