Monthly Archives: February 2015

Public Fuckin’ Service Announcement – Fakey Fakertons Fuck OFF!

T & J-Roc Trailer Park BoysWe’ve been getting reports about mawfs selling mawfs unlicensed TPB merchandise and making off with their $crilla, and some greasy bizzitches pretending to be Robb Wells on Facebook. THAT SHIT AIN’T TIGHT, NOMESAYIN?

The ONLY licensed and legit Trailer Park Boys merch sites are and – accept no imitations! And Robb Wells is not on Facebook, so if you’ve been friended by a Fakey Fakerton, tell them to FUCK OFF!!!


Randy and Lahey’s Burger Eating Contest in Kelowna, BC on Feb 19!

unnamedIf you’re in Kelowna, BC you don’t want to miss this! Lahey and Randy are bringing their live show to The Habitat on February 19, and they’ll also be participating in the Sliderz 1st Annual Burger Eating Contest!

If you think you’re man or woman enough to complete, click this link for details – winners will also receive two free tickets to the show, as well as games from our buds at Trailer Park Boys Games!