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Trailer Park Boys host Kush Cup in Vancouver on July 11!

Trailer Park Boys host 2015 Kush Cup, VancouverLook out Vancouver, BC: the Trailer Park Boys are hosting this year’s Kush Cup on July 11!

Along with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, Craig Smart, Wolfborne, Soundcheck, Angels Down and The Thick Of It will also be providing live entertainment throughout the evening. It’s going to be one FUCK of a good night!

Tickets are available now at (admittance 19+ only)

Ricky’s had lots of practice smoking with Snoop Dogg, so make sure you fuckers get plenty of hash in…



New at Ask Julian Fucking Anything

Julian Trailer Park Boys - sexy!It’s time for Julian’s ASK ME FUCKING ANYTHING at SwearNet!

In Part 1 Julian answers fucked fan questions including how to get a “Sexian” body, what happened to his parents, and the secret to running a successful business.

In Part 2 he talks about his favourite bar, role models, breakfast, greasy fucking ghosts, and what he REALLY thinks about Jim Lahey!


Look out for more AMFAs at SwearNet next week!

Trailer Park Boys on Instagram

Wanna see more from the Trailer Park Boys Season 10 set? The boys have figured out how to post to “Instant-gram” and have been posting daily photos from the set. Check out some of these beauties!

Bubbles shopping carts
Bubbles’ business is booming!
Ricky Lucky Trailer Park Boys
Time to get greasy…
Mr Lahey Trailer Park Boys -  liquor run
Mr. Lahey on his morning liquor run?

Follow Trailer Park Boys’ Instagram at

New at Ask Ricky Fucking Anything

Ricky Sunnyvale Trailer ParkRicky finally got stoned enough to sit the fuck down and answer your fan questions!

In Part 1 he answers questions about Snoop Dogg, gardening, and girlfriends. He also wonders why TPB fans have such fucked names! In Part 2 he talks about shit dope, fighty-jetter-fixer-uppery, naked weed colonies, and that little wooden prick CONKY!

Trailer Park Boys Xmas tour dates announced!

Trailer Park Boys Xmas tour 2015 datesHo-ho-fucking-ho! Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr. Lahey and Randy are on the road again this December with their DEAR SANTA CLAUS, GO FUCK YOURSELF show!

Tickets go on sale to the general public on June 26 (July 10 for Kings Theater, Brooklyn NY) at

Merry fucking Christmas!

Dec. 2 Hamilton Hamilton Place (16+) On Sale June 26
Dec. 3 Toronto Massey Hall On Sale June 26
Dec. 4 Kitchener Centre in the Square (16+) On Sale June 26
Dec. 6 Montreal Théâtre St-Denis On Sale June 26
Dec. 7 Ottawa NAC Southam Hall On Sale June 26
Dec. 8 Albany Palace Theatre On Sale June 26
Dec. 9 Brooklyn Kings Theatre On Sale July 10
Dec. 10 Boston Orpheum Theatre On Sale June 26
Dec. 12 Detroit Masonic Temple On Sale June 26
Dec. 13 Cleveland Connor Palace On Sale June 26
Dec. 14 Pittsburgh Benedum Center On Sale June 26
Dec. 15 Buffalo Shea’s Performing Arts Center On Sale June 26

New Trailer Park Boys t-shirts available!

Trailer Park Boys t-shirtsGreat fucking news!! We now have 14 NEW Trailer Park Boys t-shirts available for pre-sale at the official TPB Store!

Inspiration comes from Season 9 of the show, and designs include Willy Goat, Mystic Fingers salon, Sunnyvale Plaza, Sam-squamptch, and of course Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. We’ve also got t-shirts from S to XXXL Cheeseburger Locker size, and girly-fit tees for the ladies. Facking deeecent!!!