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Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 4 now on iTunes

Bubbles_looly_TPB_podcast_4We’re still the #1 Canadian podcast, fuckers! Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode Four, “Our Guest Smells of Pickles”, is now available on iTunes!

You can also listen here:

And of course, the FUCKED video version is available at SwearNet:

New at Sunday sermon with Rev. Ricky Brown

Rev. Ricky Brown at swearnet.comAAAAAAAmuthafuckinMENNNN – Rev. Ricky Brown is back with a new sermon at!

After spending forty days and forty nights in… hey, it don’t matter where the fuck he’s been, he’s returned to save yo sorry asses from the Devil! Ricky also listens to SwearNet fans’ sinful confessions, and recites some spiritual nursery rhymes for the kiddies.


New at Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 4 – Our Guest Smells of Pickles

Trailer Park Boys PodcastThis week on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Bubbles has booked his first guest – it’s not Rocky Balboa, but Ricky’s still spoiling for a fight! The boys also discuss the benefits of keeping a woolly mammoth in the park, and the difference between Greece and Grease!

The video version is available at now, and the audio podcast will be up on iTunes and the TPB podcast site in a coupla days!

Episode Four is brought to you by Amsterdam Boneshaker 7.1% India Pale Ale!

Ricky Pizza is a Real Fucking Thing

Ricky_pizza_TraditionalPizzaDonair_DartmouthLook what the Boys had for lunch at the SwearNet office – the “Ricky” pizza from Traditional Pizza & Donair in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! This fucking glorious culinary creation includes the following Ricky-approved toppings:

Chicken Fingers
Donair Meat
Brothers Pepperoni
Zesty Mordant Doritos
Thanks to the crew at TPD for the scrum-dilly pizza!