New! J-Roc and Sunnyvale hats at the TPB store

J-Roc and Sunnyvale TPB hats

We’ve got two DIZZOPE new hats on sale at the Trailer Park Boys store!

Our new Sunnyvale hat features two hits of sweet embroidery: “Sunnyvale” on the front and the classic “Trailer Park Boys” logo on the back. The J-Roc Snapback is way dope! With heavy, raised, blinged-out gold 3D embroidery on a flat brim, this hat is the ultimate accessory for a TPB or J-Roc fan..

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  1 comment for “New! J-Roc and Sunnyvale hats at the TPB store

  1. Taaron Howard
    October 18, 2017 at 12:11 am

    where’s the J Roc snapback in the store? I’m trying to be J Roc for Halloween this year and the only thing left I need is the hat. Did you guys discontinue the product? Because that wouldn’t be decent

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