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Trailer Park Boys Halloween 2015 Contest: The WINNERS

Thanks to all you greasy fuckers who entered our Trailer Park Boys Halloween contest! It was the biggest fucking year ever, and the standard was amazing. But there can only be one winner…


Trailer Park Boys Halloween costume contest winnersCongratulations, you win the TPB/SwearNet prize pack, plus one-year subscriptions for everyone! We hope you weren’t banned from the Drake tavern after turning up dressed as those greasy fuckers!


BUT WAIT, THERE’S FUCKIN’ MORE: Because there were so many amazing entries, we increased the number of runner-up prizes to eight! The following cockblasters all win one-year subscriptions:

Trailer Park Boys Halloween contest runners-upCongratulations to the winners… now start getting your costumes ready for 2016!

Podcast Episode 15 – A Canadian Hero… and a Drunky Fuck Clown

Trailer_Park_Boys_podcast_15_Jody_MiticToday’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast guest is Canadian war hero and all-round badass Jody Mitic! He talks about his adventures in the army, and the injuries that changed his life.

An unwelcome guest also shows up… but he’s only had a coupla drinks!

Episode 15 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.

New at Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky

Getting Learnt With Ricky at swearnet.comWe’re pleased as fuck to present our new show, Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky!

Join Ricky in the SwearNet tool shop for handy tips, awesome life hacks, and other shit that you can get learnt by. In Episode One, Ricky shows you how to make a perfect grilled cheese sammich that doesn’t taste like shit.

And you can watch it now for FREE!

New at Dear Julian helps you to stay frisky!

Dear Julian at swearnet.comWanna know how to stay frisky, make pesky pets “disappear”, and whether you should bang married dudes? Check out this week’s episode of Dear Julian at SwearNet!

Don’t forget to post your question for Julian in the video comments section – your problem could be solved by the man himself in a future episode!