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New at TPB Podcast – You’ve Got Eye Crabs, Bubbles

Trailer Park Boys Podcast at SwearNetThis week on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Something’s walking around in Bubbles’ eye – what the fack is it? The Boys also discuss space music, how to tackle an alien attack, and whether Ricky could kick a smurf.

Julian also calls up some stoned fans while Ricky does some sketching!

Let’s get the Trailer Park Boys to host Saturday Night Live!

Wanna see the Trailer Park Boys host legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live? Actor and comedian Tom Arnold wants to get Ricky, Julian and Bubbles on the show! Spread the word, and maybe SNL producer Lorne Michaels will give ’em the job…

Tom Arnold will be co-starring alongside Snoop Dogg and Doug Benson on Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys, airing on Netflix from March 28!