1 comment for “New at swearnet.com: Dear Julian tackles banging and weed!

  1. Savannahpaige
    March 9, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Dear Julian, i always steal the cute girls at the bars and clubs and make the men jealous, and although i am a clearly a girl in person, i still have my boy parts down stairs.. and i have a hard time hiding my voice! Last time i was at the bar with a close friend i stood up to a guy who wouldn’t leave her alone and was being a greasy fuck pig! Well i broke my hand on his face.. So i just quit going out, as i am tired of fighting. Any advice on how to avoid fighting jealous men who are mad cause i look better than any girl they will ever get, and still take the real female home at the end of the night? Im a musician and only 23 so i wanna drink! But its hard to play guitar with fucked up hands!!! Plz hook a brista (Sister/bro) up with some wise trailer park livin’ knowledge? ]=

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