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    Ian Brendan Bell
    December 19, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    I didn’t want to attract attention when saying this, but I have been searching for missing pieces of a puzzle in my brain all my life, an arsenal of “fuck you” to all the people I have let walk all over me all my life. Recently I had what might be described as having a good run of what I can only describe as “pure creativity” and if anyone responsible for Swearnet understands that moment of creative force that can hit you when you least expect it, I have to get away from city life as quick as possible to absorb all the possibilities. I really feel I have the power to use my unique skills to help so many other people. You guys must work so hard. Whatever I achieve in the future. I will always fly the flag of swearnet proudly. And I promise never to do anything to taint your image. Quite the opposite. The fan zone alone makes this site so valuable to so many people. I found my final piece of the puzzle by reading a fucking good book and by feeling free to express myself here in whatever way I wanted and not being censored etc.. This site will go down in history as being revolutionary if I manage to bully an independent journalist in submission and helping me with a crazy plan I’m trying to hatch, ha. I won’t explain what the plan is, but isn’t it about time there were proper debates in the media where each speaker is allowed to speak without being shouted down. I am a writer, all I can do is write, I just have to find out how to wipe out as many bullies as possible with my newly found sword. Thankyou for this space of true free speech. Now stop slacking and do some fucking work! Thank you so much boys!

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