Now on iTunes and Libsyn – The Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch!

Bruce McCulloch joins the podcast

The Kids in the Hall‘s Bruce McCulloch brings his totally fucked is-he-on-drugs-or-isn’t-he brand of humour to the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available on iTunes and Libsyn, absolutely fucking free!

Bruce covers a wide range of completely fucked topics, including the burning of Michael Jackson’s hair, his acid-filled youth, Andre the Giant’s butterfly collection, and much more!

PLUS: Does… Ricky… want to be… a woman?

Bruce is on tour with his live show Young Drunk Punk, if he’s in your city, check him the fuck out!

Episode 78 is sponsored by the official Trailer Park Boys Merch Store and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!

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