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New on – Beer!

Julian shows off some gear from East Side Games

The Boys somehow made it back from Toronto and they are feeling pretty fuckin’ rough for this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.  So rough, they fuck up the episode number and call it 89.  For those of you pricks who are keeping track at home, it is indeed episode 90.

Beer is the word of the day after yesterday’s Freedom 35 launch event in Toronto.  The DECENT lager is now available in most parts of Canada, with big dirty liquor trucks rolling out coast to coast.  Lucky fuckers in Ontario can actually order Freedom 35 to their fucking door!

The Boys also chat about the 4.20 release of GREA$Y MONEY, their new mobile game that has been burning up the fucking charts for both iOS and Android.  The Boys received a fuck load of merchandise from the game dicks — stay tuned to learn about how you can get your cheeseburger-eating-hands on it!

They also shoot the shit about Shrek (both sheep and monster), Sydney (both Australia and Canada), and they try to come up with alternative energy sources for Sunnyvale.

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DEAR JULIAN – Questions, Let’s Go!

questions, let's go

The camera dicks at SwearNet are getting ready to shoot some more episodes of Dear Julian!

We got the rum, got the mix, got the cubes, got the muscles, there’s just one fucking problem.  We’re out of questions!  Write your shit in the comment section below!

Remember, Julian has been doing this show for almost two years now so he has seen it all.  The SwearNet dicks will pick out the best, most unique questions… Jules has answered a thousand fucking questions about “pacing yourself on rum all day,” so try to make er original and we’ll be sure to pass your Q onto the man himself.

Questions, let’s go!


New on – Ask Randy Friggin’ Anything!

A close-up of Randy's gutNow it’s Randy’s turn to take a seat in the Ask Me Fuckin’ Anything hot seat!

And wow, do things ever start off hot!  No amount of honey bong hits can calm Randy down from questions about his allergy to shirt-wearing, which is something he is asked about right off the fuckin’ get-go.  But the question is valid – why does his chest get an allergic reaction to shirts, when his legs seem to do just fine with his pants?

Once he gets beyond the shirt question, he happily answers questions about cheeseburgers, cheeseburger toppings, cheeseburger side dishes, and much more!


New on – Be Fuckin’ Supportive

Julian takes a sip of rum

The drink is mixed and Julian is back with another episode of Dear Julian!

He tackles a wide range of topics, from dealing with your buddy’s new girlfriend, to standing up to a gun in your face, to some insight on what Bubbles might be cooking up for a new SwearNet show.  He also answers an age-old question that keeps many Trailer Park Boys fans up at night: how in the fuck does he keep his ice from melting?

Everything is going perfectly, until Chipper fucks the whole thing up.

New on – State of the Union for April 24, 2017

Robb, Mike, and JP deliver a SOTUMike, JP, and Theresa Gold (played by Robb) are back with the latest SwearNet State of the Union!

The Boys are doing a fuckload of writing and editing these days – splitting duties between writing Season 12 and editing the second edition of Out of the Park.  They’ve got a lot of other shit on the go too: they released GREA$Y MONEY for Android and iOS, they have an upcoming beer launch for Freedom 35 in Toronto, and the boys from Baker Boards just put out a DECENT video featuring Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

Plus: What the fuck is Sex Wars and why is it so popular in Japan?!

Now on iTunes and Libsyn – The Post-4:20 Podcash

Ricky might have survived his 4:20 celebrations, but on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, he declares that he might need to give his lungs a bath.   You can now download podcash episode 89 for fucking free in audio form on iTunes and Libsyn!

While Ricky and Julian are still in the clouds from 4:20, Bubbles has a clear head and dives right into the history books.  He talks about the badass Canadian that shot down the Red Baron, the first meeting of the Beatles and the Stones, and the Boys wish Tony Danza a happy borntday.

The Boys also dive into a discussion about Nanna Shit Nose, the poor old lady who got shit thrown in her face by a monkey at the zoo.  What a dirty prick of a monkey he is.

PLUS: Is it scientifically possible to build a liquor cloud?  Bubbles thinks so!

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New on – Let’s Build a Liquor Cloud

Somehow, someway, Ricky and Julian survived a multi-ounce 4:20 celebration and they are alive for this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.

Bubbles is the only clear-headed fucker at the table because he did his best to stay away from the dope-shitstorm that surrounded Ricky in the days leading up to April 20th.  Bubbles brings up some things that happened on this day in history, including the 1918 death of the Red Baron at the hands of a badass Canadian, and the first meeting of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones back in the 1960’s.

They also talk about the absolutely fucked 1989 movie featuring Donald Trump called Ghosts Can’t Do It, which explores the age-old Hollywood cliche of ghost sex!

PLUS: After learning about a very promising tequila invention in Mexico, the Boys wonder if they can create their own liquor cloud!

This episode of the podcash is brought to you by the merch dicks at – now featuring some classic re-booted merch from yester-fuckin-year!

Trailer Park Boys: GREA$Y MONEY Has Arrived!

As if we needed any more reason to celebrate 4:20… Trailer Park Boys: GREA$Y MONEY, the mobile game, is finally here!  The cocksucker is available worldwide in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store!

Greasy Money lets you run Sunnyvale Trailer Park on your smartphone! Play with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles as you tap your way through many greasy ‘seasons’ – upgrade businesses, collect character cards and complete challenges to unlock trunks of cash, liquor and dope. Watch out for the awesome Lahey and Randy Boss Fights at the end of each season!

So, roll that six paper joint, grab a bit of honey oil, a hash coin, DOWNLOAD THIS FUCKING GAME, and enjoy the fuck out of 4:20!

New on – Ask Lahey Fuckin Anything!

Lahey sits in his liquor chair with a bottle of liquor

Jim Lahey sits down with a bottle of Liquormen’s and answers fan questions on SwearNet’s latest edition of Ask Me Fucking Anything.  

Lahey and the liquor tackle a wide range of questions including:

  • Would Lahey even consider making nice with Julian and Ricky?
  • How many people has Lahey shot?
  • When was he first attracted to men?
  • What are Randy’s finest qualities?

Lahey also answers a number of questions surrounding the pros and cons of listening to the liquor – we all know, sometimes it can fuck you over big time.

PLUS: Worried about a possible upcoming liquor store strike in Ontario?  Lahey has a very simple solution.

Toronto: Get Ready for a Taste of Freedom!

Freedom 35 is finally on the horizon!  The scrum-dilly lager has already been popping up in liquor stores across Canada, ahead of its official launch in Toronto on April 27th.  Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles will be at the Queen’s Quay LCBO branch on April 27th from 12pm til 3pm, signing autographs and taking photos.

The easy-drinking brew was developed by beer genius Paul Dickey and North American Craft, and early reviews indicate that she’s a DE-HEEE-HEEEECENT lager!  But we want to hear from you – please Tweet or Instagram us a photo of you enjoying a cool one with the hashtag #TPBFreedom35!