Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Perfectly Contentedly High

Ricky worries that the camera dicks will portray him as an idiot in Season 11

Ever feel that perfect level of being stoned?  That’s what Ricky achieved on Friday as the Boys were getting ready to celebrate the launch of Season 11 on Netflix!  Episode 86: “Perfectly Contentedly High” is now available for fucking free in audio form on iTunes and Libsyn!

The Boys are really fucking excited for the new season (Ricky is slightly worried because he feels like the camera dicks always portray him as an idiot).  They’re so excited, they want to give away some authentic shit from Sunnyvale!  Check out the contest page to learn how you could win a jar of Bubbles Pizza Sauce, a “Ricky’s Ball Hockey Camp” poster, and a rum glass straight from Julian’s cupboard!

PLUS: The Boys have the most fucked up conversation about Mr. Hockey, Mr. Sub, Mr. Lube, and a few other misters.  For fuck sakes, leave Gordie Howe out of this, Boys!

This episode of the podcash is brought to you by the merch dicks at!

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