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Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Ricky Explains Easter

Ricky portrays Jesus as black

Ever wonder what in the fuck the Easter Bunny and its chocolate eggs have to do with Easter and Jesus?  Lucky you!  Ricky breaks it all down on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available for fucking free in audio form on iTunes and Libsyn!

Also, in honour of the late great gameshow host Chuck Barris, Ricky and Julian go head to head in a “The Best Buddies Game,” with Bubbles hitting them with some fucked up The-Newlywed-Game-esque questions.  Find out who Ricky thinks Julian thinks is the sexiest man alive, and hear Julian’s opinion on the greasiest thing Ricky has ever done.

PLUS: Ricky busts out the art supplies and creates a masterpiece he calls “BAD FRIDAY.”

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New on – The Best Buddies Game

In honour of the passing of Chuck Barris, Ricky and Julian go head-to-head in the “Best Buddies Game” hosted by Bubbles Barris on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast. In their own fucked version of The Newlywed Game, Bubbles tests Ricky and Julian’s knowledge of each other and we learn who Julian thinks is the sexiest man alive, what… Read more →

New on – Dope Trailer Police Chase

Kitty Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in a getaway car

The kitties might’ve really fucked themselves this time!  Gun fights, dope, and a helicopter police chase will probably result in a lot more than a slap on the wrist on the latest episode of Trailer Park Cats.

Under the direction of Scott Wagner, the TPC team animated this classic scene from the Season 2 finale which starts with Bubbles as the driver of a getaway car but somehow ends with him as an innocent farmer.

If we learn one lesson from this scene, it’s this: Bubbles will NOT harm a kitty just to save a dope trailer!


The Boys are toasting with some Freedom 35 cansThe Boys got themselves a few DECENT sample cans of Freedom 35 and they’re cracking into them on the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast — even Julian thinks it’s “good, for a beer!”

You can get this podcast for fucking free in audio form on iTunes and Libsyn!

Ricky is happy with the way he was shown in an intelligent light in Season 11, though Bubbles and Julian dispute that.  The Boys get into a fucked conversation about Julian’s mom’s genitals, as well as John Wayne Bobbitt’s frankencock.  Ricky discusses the differences (or lack thereof) between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, and Bubbles workshops a new tune he calls HUNKULES, written specially for Julian’s muscles.

PLUS: The Boys show off their new Baker skateboards, now available only on!

Lahey and Randy AMFA: Questions Wanted!

Lahey and Randy will soon be in front of the SwearNet cameras for an Ask Me Fucking Anything, and we need questions from you dicks!

Wondering about some of the shit that went down in Season 11?  Now’s your chance to ask the captain of the shitliner and the cheeseburger locker!

Write your questions in the comment section below, and go fuck yourself while you’re at it.

New on – Operation Midnight Dope

The Boys are sitting in their smokey sack

This episode of Mailbag is hot as fuck, maybe due to all the layers of clothes Mike is wearing, or maybe due to all of the spicy fucking snacks they keep getting in the mail!

The Boys get a very strong early contender for their “Help Us Decorate Sunnyvale” competition, in the form of a fucking rocket ship!  If you want to send in some shit to help decorate the set of Season 12, you gotta get it to sunny Nova Scotia by May 31st!  Click here for details.

They also get a DECENT pitch for growing dope, a mini Snoop, and a knitted hat for Bubbles.

PLUS: The gifts aren’t limited to these three cock knuckles – Lahey and Randy feel the love too!

Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Perfectly Contentedly High

Ricky worries that the camera dicks will portray him as an idiot in Season 11

Ever feel that perfect level of being stoned?  That’s what Ricky achieved on Friday as the Boys were getting ready to celebrate the launch of Season 11 on Netflix!  Episode 86: “Perfectly Contentedly High” is now available for fucking free in audio form on iTunes and Libsyn!

The Boys are really fucking excited for the new season (Ricky is slightly worried because he feels like the camera dicks always portray him as an idiot).  They’re so excited, they want to give away some authentic shit from Sunnyvale!  Check out the contest page to learn how you could win a jar of Bubbles Pizza Sauce, a “Ricky’s Ball Hockey Camp” poster, and a rum glass straight from Julian’s cupboard!

PLUS: The Boys have the most fucked up conversation about Mr. Hockey, Mr. Sub, Mr. Lube, and a few other misters.  For fuck sakes, leave Gordie Howe out of this, Boys!

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