Trailer Park Boys Season 12 – Official Trailer!!

CHANNEL 10 BREAKING NEWS FROM SUNNYVALE: Trailer Park Boys Season 12 comes to Netflix Friday, March 30! It’s time for Ricky and Julian to grow the fuck up, and be for to be men. Julian gets a real job, Ricky gets a new girl, and Bubbles has a new business! Nothing could go wrong…. could it?!

Get your buddies round, grab some booze (Season 12 pairs wells with Freedom 35 beer and Liquormen’s whisky we hear!) and get ready to witness the greatest, greasiest Sunnyvale shitstorm on March 30!


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  1 comment for “Trailer Park Boys Season 12 – Official Trailer!!

  1. Jesse
    March 2, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    HOLY FUCK! 12 fucking seasons on being on the fucking tv plus all that other amazing shit. Keep up the fucking outstanding work boys

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