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Drunk and on Drugs hits Netflix! A SwearNet app! New events for Greasy Money! European Tour! Bubbles & the Shitrockers! Getting DRUNK AS FUCK!! It’s all fucking happening on the latest SOTU… Watch the shitshow here!

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    Craig Hill is
    September 12, 2018 at 3:29 am

    Hey you dirty cocksuckers, everybody knows that the best news stories come out of Florida and I’d like to show you motherfuckers why. I’m a fucked up mental Marine and I damn sure can’t do it sober and I’d like to drag along a buddy that might die if he gets drunk again up. In short, duck your fame fam duck who you grew up to be you motherfuckers are alright and we’d like to show you how dirty it really is down south.
    This ain’t t a ploy to get famous, or make money. I just wanna meet you ballsacks. Fuck off

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