New at – Where’s Your Head At?!

The Boys need to clean up the after last week’s Green Jellÿ piss-fest, as they have a special guest – cluster headaches survivor Tom Termeer! He talks about the world’s most painful disease, and how he got his head fixed.

Also: The Pennsylvania potato pisser, falling in love with a dolphin, and Ricky’s latest book learnings!

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    Jacob Hays
    August 31, 2019 at 1:08 am

    Hey boys, so I’m not sure how to leave the fan comments for your guys’ show, so I’ma drop it here and hope it gets on the air. But I’m curious as to whats happening with the further production of the show? And why wasn’t J-roc even mentioned in the animated season? Is he still with the show? And have you any new news on the production of your show???! Like c’mon; we’re waiting for you

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