Luke Naylor

Our resident cannabis guru, Amy Anonymous, is in Vegas, baby! In Part Two of this two-part special, It’s Amy’s last day in Vegas and she wants to relax and have some fun at Cannabition, a Cannabis museum with some fear and loathing and the timeless art of seduction! Plus: Amy gets the chance to hang out, smoke and talk with one of her peers, someone who inspires her:  Dr. Dina – the real-life Nancy Botwin.


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New at – A Pig Named Bubbles and Corn Holes


This week Ricky’s movie theatre etiquette is called into question and whats with the parents at those movies?!!… a little touchy.
Was Adam Ant a person or one of the fucking Ants? Do sperm shots for back pain work, don’t fuck with gasoline or a marsupial with three openings and what are the merits of corn hole wiping?!

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