Park After Dark

New at – How to Rob a Bank, Nicely

Happy Bank Robbery Friday, fuckers! On today’s socially distanced and sanitized-to-fuck Park After Dark, Bubbles is baked, Ricky feels like a duck in a glass, and Julian needs a massage and a date – but has he lost his sexual guava? The Boys also discuss the ‘rona, Randy water torture, and growing an arm cock!

Also: Why the fuck are the Boys having a circle drawing contest?!

New at – $125 or Best Fuckin’ Offer

Today on the virtual Park After Dark: Bubbles has a plan to get Ricky and Julian safely back to Sunnyvale, but Julian’s too busy hustlin’ shit, and Ricky’s got some new friends! Bubs also has footage of a real-life COVID zombie, ponders the coke bean business, and turns Julian off jello forever. Also: Ricky learns us how to talk to squirrels!