Park After Dark

New at – We Totally Did Not Fuckin’ Kidnap Jay Baruchel

On the latest Park After Dark: It may or may not be Ricky’s birthday, and Julian may or may not have borrowed Jay Baruchel from the Sunnyvale food court, but at least there’s weed, booze and popcorn! Jay chats about Clint Eastwood, dragons, and why fast food is so awesome. Also: Who Let the Dogs Out?!

New at – Leap Year Chicken & Liquor Party

On the latest Park After Dark: Keep your head on a swivel – it’s a leap year and Bubbles is worried things are about to get fucky! Ricky prepares to wrestle an alligator, Julian researches the pterodactyl, and Bubbles grooves to the WKRP in Cincinnati theme tune.

Also: Snake orgies, frozen birds, and Holly Valentine!

New at – Three Horsemen of the Fuckocalypse

Get ready to Jingle Jangle Jingle with Bubbles on this stoned-as-fuck episode of Park After Dark! The Boys discuss alien anal probes, Coronavirus cruises, and the awesomeness of owning a horse. Also: Ricky comes up with an ingenious way to get free booze at the bar – the perfect scam for Valentine’s Day!

New at – Worst Case Ontario

Need to escape a snake, cuddle a cat, or beat your gym addiction? You better tune into today’s Park After Dark, as Ricky’s got learnt on some great tips! The Boys also discuss the Super Bowl ads, what to do if you chop your arm off, and play another fucked round of If You Had To. Find out who’s gonna get eaten, and who’s getting a cock face tattoo!

New at – Ricky’s Mystic Pepperoni Predictions

On today’s Park After Dark: Ricky summons up the power of pepperoni and looks into the future – will you be getting a new car, or fucked up in an earthquake?

Plus: Bubbles designs the new Space Force uniform, Julian investigates Samsquamptches, and we find out why Ricky dipped his ballsack in soy sauce!