Park After Dark

New at – Robert Sheehan’s Shirtless Circus

Holy fuck, we’ve got an exciting Park After Dark for ya today! Ricky’s started up an ‘AirDnD’, and his first guest is only fuckin’ Umbrella Academy star Robert Sheehan! Discover Robert’s favourite movie, how to poop like a champion, and who beat the piss out of him on a film set. Also: Randy gets physical!

Park After Dark – Sunnyvale SuperHosts and the SuperGuest

Forget Kimmel, Conan and Carson – make way for talk show superhost Bubbles and his fucked assistants! Today they interview Kids In The Hall star Kevin McDonald, who chats about his fear of hotel bathrooms, how he got bornt, the most awesome 10/10 celebs, and how he lost his penis in London!

Don’t forget, you can also listen to Park After Dark on all decent podcast apps – but ya get to see it FIRST on!

New at – Where’s Your Head At?!

The Boys need to clean up the after last week’s Green Jellÿ piss-fest, as they have a special guest – cluster headaches survivor Tom Termeer! He talks about the world’s most painful disease, and how he got his head fixed.

Also: The Pennsylvania potato pisser, falling in love with a dolphin, and Ricky’s latest book learnings!

New at – Brain Fuckers

Today’s episode of Park After Dark is only nine seconds long, as Ricky is too busy nursing a bitten toe and Julian is wrestling with video checkers! Instead, Ricky’s brain gets vibrated with some fucked facts, talks like a butterfly, and finds out what the fuck a foopa is.

Hmm, are you sure you didn’t film Park After Dark today, Boys?

New at – The Birds and the Bees, the Beavers and the Booze

What the fuck’s going on in Ricky’s trailer today? The Boys are getting ready for a long drinking weekend to celebrate Nova Scotia’s borntday, but before they get totally fucked up they discuss Ricky’s jail jacking habit, the awesomeness of Terry Fox, and big school words! Also: Which new movie is gonna make Ricky cry?

Park After Dark – The Big Fucking Bang Theory

On today’s Park After Dark: Terry’s still givin’er a week later… and has racked up a massive bill! Can he get a job as the captain of the Halifax Harbour Hopper and pay Julian back? Also: Deecent hot sauce (which you can buy HERE!!), Japanese ass splashers, and Bubbles explains the whole history of the universe!

New at – Rollin’ Right into Heaven – on a Flock of Reindeer

It’s FRIDAY, fuckers, and time for a new Park After Dark! Terry’s back in Sunnyvale, and he’s making himself at home! He’ll only be there for one or 10 days, no big fuckin’ deal. The Boys discuss fighting bears, the science of heaty and coldy, and storming Area 51. Also: Ricky and Terry retell the story of baby Jesus! They might have got a few details wrong though…