4/20 on 5/20 – LIVE with the Trailer Park Boys!

5/20 is the new 4/20! On May 20 at 4:20pm Atlantic Time* (that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!) join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles LIVE in Sunnyvale at the official Trailer Park Boys Facebook page to smoke a joint with them, in honour of our essential frontline workers.
Mark the date in your calendars and get fuckin’ rolling!

*that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 1:20pm MT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!

Calling All Real Life Heroes!

Calling all real life heroes… SwearNet.com needs YOU! If you work in the following vital services, we’d like to interview you for a new SwearNet segment:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Police / fire fighters
  • Delivery drivers
  • Food bank volunteers
  • Cab drivers
  • Grocery store staff
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Any other worker deemed ‘essential’ and hard at work right now!

Drop us a line at theboys@swearnet.com with a brief description of your job, for a chance to appear on the show!

A Sunnyvale Christmas heads to Ontario!!!

‘Tis the season to be FUCKED!! Trailer Park Boys’ A Sunnyvale Christmas tour sale starts Friday, Sept 13 at 10am ET at rickyjulianbubbles.com (Belleville ON, yours starts at 11am ET!)

It’s anything but a silent night as Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Randy get learnt on the greatest story never told, in true Sunnyvale style. So grab your tickets today!! 🌟

Podcast Episode 184 – Randy Swallow, Guitar Man


The Boys have a special guest: an old friend from across the park who’s a one-man guitar factory! Does his homemade machine wind hair, or snare hares?!https://www.swearnet.com/shows/trailer-park-boys/seasons/13/episodes/184 Plus: find out why Ricky wants a goose neck, Julian’s thoughts on alcoholism, and what to do if a snake bites your cock!

Catch the full episode at www.swearnet.com 

Podcast Episode 183 – Familiar Drugs with Alexisonfire

This week, the Boys have a very special guest with a big fucking announcement: singer, songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire Wade MacNeil from Alexisonfire! Who the fuck was Alexis, and was she on fire? Plus: it’s not Valentine’s Day without a fight, a lap dance and some kitties! And are certain words OK as long as you have an accent?

Catch the full episode at www.swearnet.com 


New at swearnet.com – Up the Hudson!

This week, the Boys discuss past actors’ promiscuity and get confused about who was bangin’ who, but Bubbles puts that argument to bed – you’ll never guess the answer! Plus: Who doesn’t know Walmart sells fucking bananas?! And don’t miss the rare but fascinating process of Ricky getting learnt!

Cannabis Sneak Peak – Episode 5

Our resident cannabis guru Amy Anonymous is in Vegas, baby! In Part One of this two-part special, Amy takes you to the MJBiz.com conference, one of the biggest cannabis business shows in the world. She gives you the inside scoop on game-changing innovations, smokes some blunts, and looks for lizards in the desert. Plus, she ticks off an item from her bucket list…