New at – Sunnyvale Shoals!

Get your dancing pants on, there’s a party going on at!! Join host Michael Williams plus Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for 10 episodes of music performed live at Sunnyvale Shoals!

We’ve got some awesome Canadian artists on the show, including Johnny Reid, Divine Brown, Colin James, Reeny Smith, Jordan John, Elise Legrow, Matt Andersen and John Finley. DEEECENT!

New at – Leap Year Chicken & Liquor Party

On the latest Park After Dark: Keep your head on a swivel – it’s a leap year and Bubbles is worried things are about to get fucky! Ricky prepares to wrestle an alligator, Julian researches the pterodactyl, and Bubbles grooves to the WKRP in Cincinnati theme tune.

Also: Snake orgies, frozen birds, and Holly Valentine!