Mailbag – Samurai Jape

In the Bag today: JP gets excited about a big shiny chopper – but who the fuck sent it? The Boys also experience a bunch of life-changing snacks, and Mike celebrates another fucking birthday!

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Park After Dark – Pumpkin Splatters

It’s Halloween in the Park After Dark trailer, fuckers! Drop a coupla ‘road beans’ and come party with Bubbles Reynolds, Smarty Pants, and… uh, what the fuck is Julian this year? The Boys also attempt to power-carve a pumpkin!

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TPB Halloween Costume Contest 2021 is LIVE!!!


Alright fuckers, it’s the weekend you’ve all been waiting for – HALLOWEEN! And this year’s TPB costume contest is BIGGER THAN FUCKIN’ EVER!! Submit your TPB costume photo HERE, or tag your photo or video #TPBhalloween on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. And this year’s prize is bigger than ever, with a big dirty prize pack including items signed by the Boys!

Get all the greasy details on our contest page. Entry closes Wed, 3 Nov at 11:59pm EST, so get ta fuck on with it!

20 Year of Trailer Park Boys – Sam Losco

Sam Losco has run some greasy fuckin’ businesses over the years, from cut-price veterinarian (and bullet removal surgeon) to dentist and greasy porno star. He even set up as plastic surgeon, calling himself the ‘Botox King’. Fuck off Sam, all the botox in the world can’t disguise those fuckin’ cave lips!! #TPB20