TPB: The Animated Series S2 is HERE!!

Holy flyin’ fuck, she’s finally here!! Season 2 of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series has landed at Netflix, and we’re excited as fuck you can finally watch it! Mix up some liquor drinks, roll a few fat ones, chat with your buddies on a Netflix watch party and enjoy the fuck outta it!

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New at – Do You Know Ricky, or Does Ricky Know You?

On today’s episode of On the Road: Bubbles shows off his TV production skills – think Steve Rogers might have a job for him down at Channel 10? Find out how to fight off a KGB agent, Ricky’s experience with eating rocks, and weird things he may or not have banged. Julian also asks: Who in the fuck is Ricky Skaggs?!

Vote Bubbles 4 Mayor!

With only ONE WEEK to go before the release of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series on Netflix on May 22, we’ve got another fucking treat for ya!
Visit the Bubbles 4 Mayor website and get a sneak peek of Season 2, download some DECENT Bubbles campaign goodies, and listen to a message from the man himself on his 1-800 campaign number! Give Dodge the boot and vote for Bubbles, for fuck’s sake!! #Bubbles4Mayor

4/20 on 5/20 – LIVE with the Trailer Park Boys!

5/20 is the new 4/20! On May 20 at 4:20pm Atlantic Time* (that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!) join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles LIVE in Sunnyvale at the official Trailer Park Boys Facebook page to smoke a joint with them, in honour of our essential frontline workers.
Mark the date in your calendars and get fuckin’ rolling!

*that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 1:20pm MT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Season 2 – The DECENT Trailer!

Holy fuck, we can’t wait for May 22! Here’s a sneak peek of the crazy shit happening in Sunnyvale for Season 2 of the Animated Series – get ready for the return of the Green Bastard, DUBER, a fucked clown and a fuck-ton of dope… and more awesome stuff we’ll reveal very soon!

Catch up with Season 1 on Netflix here!

New at – Bubbles and the Piss Mattress

Forget donairs, corndogs and dirty old steak, the Boys are living on a lockdown diet of deep-fried beetles, clover and vintage soda! Bubbles considers the pros and cons of buying a $400,000 banging mattress, and Ricky wonders about cannibalism and having a spider as a friend. The Boys also raise a toast to TPB crew legend Shaun Clarke!