New at – Fight For Your Right!

Get ready for 4/20 with a new episode of Cannabis with Amy Anonymous! Amy chills out with the White Castle hybrid, chats to Dr. Dina about the work of and their mission to ‘bring light to a dark cell’, and Dr. Ira breaks down the science of cannabis! Also: Amy’s medicated milkshakes will bring every mafacka to the yard!

Happy Birthday John Dunsworth

Happy birthday John Dunsworth ❤️

Why not celebrate today by spreading a lil’ cheer? Visit an elderly neighbour, donate to your favourite charity, pick up some garbage, or buy a stranger a drink and raise your glasses for the greatest trailer park supervisor in the world!

What awesome thing are you gonna do today? Stories and photos, let’s go! #CheersJohn

New at – I’m Not Feeling Wild Boar

In today’s Mailbag: A touching letter, dope art, a shitty Pop Rocks overload, Gus Fring, and greasy wild pig snacks! Also: JP’s gonna have the time of his life with his dirrrty new board game! Wanna send something for the show? Send it to:

Attn: Mailbag Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
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We receive a cockload of goodies for Mailbag so please be patient! If the package contains food, please indicate it on the package – we don’t want the studio kitties getting the shits from dirty old garbage juice!

Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series now streaming on Netflix!

The new season of Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series is LIVE!! Thanks for all your comments over the weekend, we read a fuck-ton of them and are glad you enjoyed it! And for those that don’t… why not invite your buds round, get the liquor in and give it another try! Or don’t, we don’t really give a fuck. 🤣

Haven’t watched it yet? GO HERE NOW!

New at – Dirty Old Street Meat

Someone call a fackin’ doctor – the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast is going viral!! The Boys are back from their tropical cruise – and Ricky and Julian are sick as fuck! Was it the BBQ chicken, Randy’s cheeseburgers, or the steak with weird sauce? Bubbles investigates! Also: the dangers of jacking your goalie, and how to avenge Randy for his dirty burgers!

Watch now at – if you dare!!