New at – The Sunnyvale Bubbles Bubble

It’s a big moment for the Boys today on Park After Dark – time to take down the barriers for a proper deedle… just don’t fuck with Bubbles’ kitty videos! Find out why Bubbles won’t be playing ‘Pissin’ on People’s Meat’ at the Legion, and Julian’s new favourite snack. Ricky also discovers what’s been holding back his education his whole life – and he’s gonna sue!

New at – How to Rob a Bank, Nicely

Happy Bank Robbery Friday, fuckers! On today’s socially distanced and sanitized-to-fuck Park After Dark, Bubbles is baked, Ricky feels like a duck in a glass, and Julian needs a massage and a date – but has he lost his sexual guava? The Boys also discuss the ‘rona, Randy water torture, and growing an arm cock!

Also: Why the fuck are the Boys having a circle drawing contest?!

New at – $125 or Best Fuckin’ Offer

Today on the virtual Park After Dark: Bubbles has a plan to get Ricky and Julian safely back to Sunnyvale, but Julian’s too busy hustlin’ shit, and Ricky’s got some new friends! Bubs also has footage of a real-life COVID zombie, ponders the coke bean business, and turns Julian off jello forever. Also: Ricky learns us how to talk to squirrels!