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New on swearnet.com – Suck My Pokemon

The Boys are raring to go for another year of podcashes on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast!

It’s not the first podcash of the year, but it’s the first one in which the Boys are fully conscious (and Ricky is still hurting from that brutal table incident from last week), and they chat about their New Year’s Resolutions.  Take a big fucking guess as to which of the Boys has already fucked up his vow to quit smoking.

Ricky ponders the reason why it’s only 2018 when there’s actually been “millions of years” that have already happened, Julian talks about bleaching cocks and balls, and Bubbles introduces some new segments.

One of those new segments is called Kitty of the Week – he wants you to send in videos of your kitties at their best, and he’ll pick his favourites to showcase on the podcash!

This episode of the podcash is brought to you by SwearNet.com (the ONLY place where you can watch the video version of the podcash), Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky, Freedom 35 Lager, and TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!

New on swearnet.com – A Solid Day’s Work

Pat Roach eats his lunch

Pat Roach is putting in a solid day’s work on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show!

“Mr. Positivity” has just a few more finishing touches to put on his personal workout room, and he’s soon ready to put the equipment to the test.  But first – there’s lunch.

Get caught up on the last couple of episodes – Pat wants to keep his cool and get out of a funk, but can he keep a lid on all of that inner fucking rage?