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New on swearnet.com – How to Not Piss Yourself


There are no problems that a little bit of rum and coke can’t solve.

On the latest episode of Dear Julian, Julian answers questions as wide-ranging as dealing with shitty ex’s to investing in your own business to trying to cut back on pissing the bed.

If you have questions for Julian, leave those cocksuckers in the comments below and Julian may answer them on a future episode!  Or not, he really doesn’t give a fuck.

Holiday Questions, Let’s Go!

Get Julian's advice!

Christmas should be about getting drunk and stoned with the people you love, but we all know how fucking stressful the holidays can get!

In the coming weeks, Julian will be mixing himself a Christmastime rum and coke and answering your questions about the holidays – don’t know how to cook a fucking turkey?  Mother-in-law a total bitch?  Spent all your gift money on liquor?

Write your Christmas holiday questions to Dear Julian in the comment section below and let your stress melt away!  Or don’t, he really doesn’t give a fuck.

New on swearnet.com: Get Your Ass to Sunnyvale

Julian gives a thumbs up

On today’s episode of Dear Julian, Julian solves plenty of relationship woes with two words: BANG MORE.

Plus, he has advice for the cowards out there, how Americans can deal with what looks like a pretty FUCKED election, and how to handle laundry dickheads.

Pour a stiff rum and coke and sit at Julian’s table!


DEAR JULIAN: Send Us Your Goddamn Problems!

Get Julian's advice!

Julian’s ready to pour a few drinks and share some advice on an upcoming edition of Dear Julian.  Having trouble in your relationship?  Planning a grocery store robbery to get food for your friend’s wedding and need help with logistics?  You have problems, Julian has solutions.

Post your problems in the comment section below.  If you use his advice, that’s fine.  If you don’t, he really doesn’t give a fuck.

New at swearnet.com: When Life Gives You a Kick to the Cock

Dear Julian at swearnet.comShould I sell Grandma’s engagement ring to buy honey oil? How can I discipline my fucked-up son? Should I invest my scrilla in China? Julian tackles these questions, and more in the latest Dear Julian!

Julian is looking for new problems to solve for upcoming episodes of Dear Julian – post your question in the comments section below, and you may be hearing from Sexian himself!