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Bubbles’ Cute Kitty photo contest – vote now!

Vote for the cutest kitty in Bubbles' photo contestThanks to all the 5,500+ entries in our photo contest! That’s a lot of nice fuckin’ kitties right there. Public voting has now started, and you can vote for your favourite kitties every day until 4:20pm EST, Monday 26 January. Click here to cast your votes!

And A BIG THANK YOU to those who have donated to the Bide Awhile animal shelter – please donate whatever you can here: http://bit.ly/1syg6lK

New at swearnet.com: Bubbles’ Kitty Of The Week

Bubbles' Kitty Of The WeekBlack Friday can go fuck itself – it’s KITTY FRIDAY at swearnet.com! Bubbles packs his professional kitty kit and meets the residents of the Bide Awhile animal shelter in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Which lucky furball will get their belly tickled (twice) this week? Click here to find out!

And rather then spend money on a load of cheap shit you don’t need, why not donate to the Bide Awhile shelter today? Bubbles would fucking approve!!