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New on swearnet.com – One Night Stand

Kaitlin had a 1 night stand

What’s worse about the morning after a one night stand: the hangover, or trying to avoid the random greasy bastard that you banged?

Against some noisy odds, Kaitlin tries her best to vanish without waking anybody up.  Will she succeed?  Will she have to face her fears?  Will she grab a few snacks on the way out?  Watch the latest episode of Cheap Smokes to find out!

Of course, this isn’t the first time one of the girls had a rough morning-after – who could forget Laura dealing with the dreaded skid marks?!

New at swearnet.com: Dear Julian helps you to stay frisky!

Dear Julian at swearnet.comWanna know how to stay frisky, make pesky pets “disappear”, and whether you should bang married dudes? Check out this week’s episode of Dear Julian at SwearNet!

Don’t forget to post your question for Julian in the video comments section – your problem could be solved by the man himself in a future episode!


New at swearnet.com: Dear Julian plays the stripper game

Dear Julian at swearnet.com

Swearnet.com’s resident agony uncle, Dear Julian, gives advice on how to get banged, how not to get banged, and how to deal with someone you don’t want to bang! You can take his advice if you want, but if you don’t… he really doesn’t give a fuck!
Have a problem you want Julian to solve? Post it in the video comments section!

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