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New on swearnet.com: A Day in the Life of Jean Marie

Greasy SwearNet janitor Jean Marie

She claims she’s a janitor and she claims she’s banged nearly every staff member at SwearNet studios — and in the newest episode of Cheap Smokes, you get to witness a day in the fucked up life of Jean Marie!

When we first met Jean Marie back in January, it was just the appetizer.  Get ready for the full-fucking-course meal, because Jean Marie paid Cheap Smoke’s Laura $250 to film Jean Marie’s life, and it’s a horror story.

Jean Marie takes you on a tour of SwearNet studios, with cameos from the Boys, Preston, Chipper (stoned as FUCK), and many more SwearDicks.

But… aside from trying to blow everybody, what does Jean Marie actually do at SwearNet?!

On Set with the Crew Dicks – Part 2

It takes a lot of crazy bastards to capture the fuckery of Season 11, and we are lucky to have a hard-working group of crew dicks to help make Trailer Park Boys a reality.

In the first instalment of this series, we met a make-up artist, prop master, and the set liaison.  Let’s keep rolling through Sunnyvale!


Hannah Giffin – Electronic Press Kit 


The behind-the-scenes shit hawk takes a break from circling.

The behind-the-scenes shit hawk takes a break from circling.

Hannah Giffin has been with SwearNet and Trailer Park Boys for just over three years, and she is in charge of the Electronic Press Kit (EPK).  If you’re not in the film world, you’re probably wondering what the fuck that entails.

In a normal day, I just shoot the behind-the-scenes material,” says Giffin.  “Whatever happens, maybe the Shitmobile breaks, you know, anything that’s interesting that’s happening while we’re shooting.

Luckily for Giffin, finding interesting things is not a difficult thing to do, when you’re a fly on the shit wall of Sunnyvale.

The crazy shit is self-made from the crew,” reminisces Giffin.  “All the crew are all unhinged, special people.  (1st Assistant Director) Preston Hudson is the most special.  One year he wore a lady’s see-through top for money.  He charged quite a bit, maybe $400, and the pooled money from the crew because everyone wanted to see it.  It was a mesh shirt, nipples coming through.

Preston thinks about wearing a shirt

Click this picture to watch Giffin’s GREASY behind-the-scenes video of Preston’s nipples poking through this shirt.


Mark Kenny – Lighting


TPB lighting engineer

The man responsible for lighting the dark side of Randy’s gut.

Mark Kenny has been shining a light on the Trailer Park Boys since Season 8.  The gaffer needs to make sure everything on the show has natural lighting, and though there are a lot of outdoor scenes in sunny Sunnyvale, he must also squeeze his lighting gear into greasy trailers and tiny sheds.   Thankfully over the years, they’ve been able to get two birds stoned at once — Kenny gets more light, and Bubbles and company get some DECENT renovations.

The great thing about this is the lighting department, along with the grips, work very closely with the art department,” explains Kenny.  “For example, in Bubbles’ shed, we never had a skylight there, but we put one in and it brings in light.  The trailers have changed over the years too, they’re a little more wide.  We might ask the art department to put a window in, to help bring light further into the trailer.”

Which member of the Sunnyvale community does Kenny most identify with?  That was an easy question.

Probably Randy.  I don’t walk around with my shirt off, but I do love me some fuckin’ burgers.


James Kennedy – On-Set Dresser


The on-set dresser

James Kennedy has been making Sunnyvale look like shit for a decade.

James Kennedy has been working with Trailer Park Boys since Season 6 and handles set dressing.  If Lahey pounds a bottle of Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky, but leaves just a little sippy-poo for tomorrow, Kennedy needs to make sure that the sippy-poo is there for the next scene.

“I represent the art department and the set-decoration department on set,” says Kennedy.  “When shots are determined, I rearrange the dressing – pictures, furnitures, whatever – so that it looks good on camera.  If things are in the way, where the camera needs to be, or where they need to set lights up, I remove them and then I put them back in exactly the same place to preserve continuity.”

Working for the Boys means he has to move around some uniquely fucked items.

“I have to take care of weed plants, liquor, hash, bologna sandwiches with mustard — I fed one to Gord Downie once, he enjoyed it.” 


Adamm Liley – Director of Photography


Director of Photography

It’s really fucking intimidating to take a picture of a Director of Photography!

Adamm Liley is the shit wizard that controls the very shit lens through which you view the shitiverse of Trailer Park Boys.  As the Director of Photography, he is in charge of the overall look of the series, including the shooting style, the shot set-up, the lighting, and just about everything to do with cameras.

Liley has been with the show from the very beginning — Season 1 — and he’s been hoping to return there ever since.

“In Season 8, when we came out of the hiatus period, the Boys wanted to go back to the Season 1 original style, which was dirtier and rougher,” says Liley.  “I think Season 11, which we’re shooting right now, is actually the closest to it.  Even though it’s a dirty style and it’s ugly, it takes a lot to make it look that way.  I think Trailer Park Boys pioneered that mocumentary style; there were shows and movies like it, but certainly the show really invented that style.”

Clapper board for TPB

A shit-tag-team of epic proportions!

When asked about the most fucked-up thing he’s ever had to shoot, for Liley it’s like choosing his favourite fucked-up kid — he can’t.

“Everyday there’s a fucked-up a thing,” says Liley.  “Everyday there are so many crazy, funny things.  I’m blessed to be on the show and to be around these guys.  The nature of the crew, it’s like a giant summer camp.  Everybody goes away, then we meet back the next summer, and it’s like you haven’t missed any time.”

On Set with the Crew Dicks – Part 1

When we’re watching an episode of Trailer Park Boys, sometimes we catch a glimpse of a camera dick or one of those sound arseholes that carry a long cock of a microphone with them.  But they represent just a small fraction of the shit show that makes up the crew that descends upon Sunnyvale Trailer Park every summer.

Here’s a look at a few of the hard-working rocket appliantists that make up the TPB Season 11 crew!

Dolce Hussey – Prop Master


Prop master in his prop truck

The masked prop master in his fucked up prop truck.

If you’ve seen Ricky hauling on a joint, Julian waving a gun, or Bubbles talking to a shattered Conky, chances are, Dolce Hussey had something to do with it.  The prop master has been with Trailer Park Boys since Season 5, and he was initiated into Sunnyvale in the most fucked up way.

The first thing we were handed was a hash driveway, it was the very first thing we had to create,” says Hussey.  “We didn’t really know how to do it at the time — we made it up.  A lot of cooking skills came into play, because it had to be touchable, cutable, almost even edible because Ricky was smoking it, et cetera, so we wanted him to be able to pull it off the driveway, roll it into a cigarette, and be able to smoke it instantly.  It was a challenge.

Hussey walks around wearing something that looks like a bullet-proof vest for a pothead circus clown.  It’s his prop kit, and he’s always ready to pull things out of his shit holster.

“My kit’s pretty basic these days, just a lot of knives, lighters, CO2, guns — that’s the kit,” says Hussey.  “And a lot of joints.

What are the Boys puffing on when they spark up on TV — is it bullshit Hollywood weed or some decent dope?  Hussey won’t say.

“That’s a trade secret,” he says with a greasy smile.  “It’s a Nova Scotia trade secret.”


Charlotte Gavaris – Make-Up Artist


Make-up artist for TPB

Make-up artist Charlotte Gavaris.

Charlotte Gavaris is brand-new in Sunnyvale and it has been quite a leap from her prior work on news-satire show This Hour Has 22 Minutes and sci-fi drama Haven.  The make-up artist doesn’t just powder fucking foreheads – she uses make-up colours from all over the shit spectrum, especially when it comes to the ladies of Sunnyvale.

“It’s really a lot of fun make up for the girls,” says Gavaris.  “It’s a lot more vibrant with the girls in the trailer park, a lot of matching your nails to your tops to your eyeliner — not your every-day kind of make up.  They have fun with their looks, and so do I.

She carries around a make-up kit that is uniquely fucked.

“I have a lot of sunscreen, since we’re outside all the time, and blood in case people get shot,” says Gavaris.  “The blood is new to me… there’s not a lot of gore on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

A make-up kit

Visine is a must-fucking-have in Sunnyvale.

She can’t discuss some of the bizarre shit she has had to do for the upcoming season because it would give away too much information, but she says it was “very unexpected” and forced her come up with some totally fucked make-up.


Josh Kirk – Set Liaison and Night Security


This fucker was born in the park!

This fucker was born in the park!

Josh Kirk was made for the job of set liaison and night security — he was born in the fucking park where Trailer Park Boys is filmed!  The show is shot in a real, functioning Nova Scotian trailer park, so Kirk is kept pretty goddamn busy.  He is tasked with making sure bystanders don’t cock up the production by snapping pictures of spoiler material, or bothering the cast and crew.  And it’s damn near a 24/7 job — Kirk parks his VW sleeper van in Sunnyvale and hunkers down.

While some people can be dicks, Kirk says the true fans are fucking awesome.

The fans of this show would never hurt the show and that’s the absolute truth,” says Kirk.  “If you ask them to pick cigarette butts off the ground, they’d do it for free, without a second thought.  It’s amazing because a lot of people are so selfish and all they want is the picture and then to be gone.  But the Trailer Park Boys fans are FANS, through and through, and I can spot them a mile away.”

But he is definitely kept busy — this is a real park and sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.  Sometimes he sees things that he wishes the camera dicks could’ve captured:

“The most fucked up thing I saw was probably the sissy knife fight and vehicular manslaughter that was attempted a couple of weeks ago,” says Kirk.  “We had probably six different early-20’s people that were all going to kill each other, but none of them actually wanted to hurt anyone else.  They pulled out their knives and didn’t really threaten anyone with them, and another guy was driving his car towards a crowd of people and spinning his tires, and was stopping a hundred feet short of them.  It was pretty hysterical.”



Click here for Part 2 — camera dicks, art dicks, lighting dicks, oh my!

Trailer Park Tuesday – ROCVodka


J-Roc’s latest fucked business enterprise, ROCVodka. Delicious and tight as piss, nomesayin’?

We’ll be posting more behind-the-scenes images from the Trailer Park Boys S8 set every Tuesday. And if you’ve been living under your mom’s trailer and haven’t heard the news, the complete S8 of Trailer Park Boys is now available to watch on Netflix!