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Now on iTunes and Libsyn – He Let the Liquor Do the Thinking!

Bill Wood joins Lahey and Randy

Download, plug in your fuckin’ ear buds, bud, and let the LIQUOR do the thinking!  Episode 9 of The Jim Lahey Show and Randy is now available for free download on iTunes and Libsyn!

Comedian Bill Wood joins Randy and Lahey, and he performs a few magic tricks while Lahey tries to recover from a mean bender.  Plus: Randy cooks up the GREASIEST breakfast idea ever – CHEESEBURGER PANCAKES.

While you’re at it, tell the Apple dicks that you love Lahey and Randers — give the Shitwizard and Cheeseburger Locker a rave fucking review!

New at swearnet.com: He Let the Liquor Do the Thinking

A magician, a Randy, and a liquored Lahey!

On this week’s Jim Lahey Show & Randy, the liquor wins again.  Mr. Lahey is shit-faced, so Randy takes the reins and hosts the FIRST EVER New and Improved Randy and Sometimes Lahey Show.  Bill Wood joins the show and uses his hairy hands to perform some DECENT card tricks that sometimes work.

ALSO – have you ever wanted to incorporate cheeseburgers into your breakfast routine?  Randy’s Kitchen has you covered!

Bill Wood will bring his magic just about anywhere if the price is right – give him a shout BillLovesJokes@Gmail.com!