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New at swearnet.com – Jimmy Tits and the Bleepilins

Fucking Julian is at it again on the Trailer Park Boys Podca$$$$h! He’s got a greasy new scheme to make $50,000 in crypto-fucking-currency which involves Mount Everest, a helicopter, and Bubbles. Sounds easy! Plus: Bitchcoin, a cock story, and AI psychopaths!! Watch the glorious shitshow now at swearnet.com!


New at swearnet.com – Shit Coins

Trailer Park Boys Podcast

Have the Boys finally pulled off Freedom 35 (well, 45) with fuckin’ crypto-currency? On today’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast, Bubbles reveals he took financial advice from Donny, and has invested in Shit Coins! The Boys also discuss the legend that was Keyboard Cat, Ricky’s new favourite holiday, and figure out a new name for Valentine’s Day.

PLUS: Ricky’s art is auctioned off to the highest bidder!

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