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New on swearnet.com – Ricky Hates the Crew Dicks

Ricky confronts Bruce McCulloch

The camera dicks have taken over Sunnyvale for weeks now and Ricky has had enough.  On the latest On-Set video from the filming of Trailer Park Boys Season 12, Ricky vents his frustrations.

The main bone of contention is that every drink on the set seems to be warm temperature, as if there is a fucking shortage of ice in Nova Scotia.  Ricky confronts a number of the crew members about this fucking situation and does discover that the ice is being hoarded by someone.

He also confronts guest director Bruce McCulloch and asks him why he is being such a dick.  Ricky doesn’t quite recognize Bruce but that is probably because he was stoned when The Kids in the Hall legend joined the Trailer Park Boys Podcast back in January. 

One person who isn’t bitching about the crew is Julian, who has figured out a way to get what he wants (in other words, liquor all day long).

Now on iTunes & Libsyn – My Concrete Car

the podcast is now available on iTunes

The brains of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are firing on all fucking cylinders on this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available on iTunes and Libsyn!

It could be the dope, or perhaps the DECENT selection of Brother’s pepperoni, but whatever the fuck it is, the Boys are operating on a different wavelength for this podcash.  They’re coming up with ideas as wide-ranging as a reality show about concrete cars, to inventing a Bluetooth parasite that can control the movement of tuna.  Holy fuck.

The Boys also wish a happy birthday to comedian Bruce McCulloch (and totally fuck up the math when trying to figure out his age), and they start working on a business plan to open their own version of “Bush” Gardens.

PLUS: If two men go grocery shopping together, are they gay?  The Boys debate this and much more on the latest episode of the podcash, sponsored by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!


New on swearnet.com – My Concrete Car

The Boys filming a podcast

Maybe it’s the DECENT food selection on this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, maybe it’s the dope, whatever it is, the Boys’ brains are really fucking cooking today!

After taking some shit about the food selection last week, the SwearNet dicks sprung for some good shit this week, including Brother’s, the king of Nova Scotian pepperoni.  The snacks are fuelling the creative process big time, with the Boys coming up with ideas for a reality show about concrete cars, growing dope at Legoland, and opening up their own version of “Bush” Gardens.

They also wish Kids in the Hall alumni Bruce McCulloch a happy birthday, and get into a pretty fucked up conversation about controlling tuna with Bluetooth parasites.  Yes, you’re not tripping on mushrooms, you read that correctly.

This fucked up episode of the podcash is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!


Now on iTunes and Libsyn – The Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch!

Bruce McCulloch joins the podcast

The Kids in the Hall‘s Bruce McCulloch brings his totally fucked is-he-on-drugs-or-isn’t-he brand of humour to the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available on iTunes and Libsyn, absolutely fucking free!

Bruce covers a wide range of completely fucked topics, including the burning of Michael Jackson’s hair, his acid-filled youth, Andre the Giant’s butterfly collection, and much more!

PLUS: Does… Ricky… want to be… a woman?

Bruce is on tour with his live show Young Drunk Punk, if he’s in your city, check him the fuck out!

Episode 78 is sponsored by the official Trailer Park Boys Merch Store and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!

New on swearnet.com – Did Ricky Drug Bruce McCulloch?!

Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall joins Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast!

Bruce McCulloch, Canadian comedy icon and The Kids in the Hall alumnus joins this week’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast!  

We’re not sure what Ricky slipped Bruce, but holy fuck, this conversation goes into outer space!  Bruce is in Nova Scotia performing in his live show Young Drunk Punk, but you wouldn’t know that from his appearance on the podcash because he barely mentions it.  Instead, Bruce chats about The Kids in the Hall being as old as AIDS, his love of CB radio, where he was when Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire, and a whole lot more.

Ricky points out that Andre the Giant died on this day in 1993, and he and Bruce talk about his origins on top of the beanstalk.

PLUS: Find out some behind-the-scenes stories about what happened the last time a KITH alumnus joined the podcast.

Episode 78 is sponsored by the official Trailer Park Boys Merch Store and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!