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New on swearnet – Doodle’s a Greasy Lady’s Man


Buddy van Doodle’s up to no good!  On the latest episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, we learn about his taste for the oldies, and we’re not talking about music!

After a wild night at his grandmother’s party, Doodle picked up a mature lady.  The only problem: this mature lady has a mature man of her own and he’s fucking pissed!

Will Doodle survive the rage of a jilted lover?  Will his lady ever get enough meat cigrits?  Find out now!

New on swearnet.com – SwearNet Scab Eater


Well this one is absolutely FUCKED.

On the latest episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, Robis is challenged to eat a dirty skusting scab from Doodle’s leg in exchange for injectable hash.  Yep, you read that cocksucker correctly – a fucking scab from Doodle’s leg, for hash that comes in needle form.  Holy fuck.

This one is so fucked that Pug himself is nauseated.  FUCK!

New on Swearnet.com – Meet Tim, the Meth Head Viking

Tim is coked out and playing guitar

Fer absolute fuck’s sake, Pug might’ve bit off more than he can chew with his new hire.

In this episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, we meet Tim, who is a goof of the highest degree.  Fresh in from BC, he seems to prefer fucking around with his guitar and shoving dirty shit up his nose instead of doing the work he was hired to do.

Doodle and Pug are fucked for picking up the bins and they need at least one more dick to help them – NOT a meth head viking like Tim.


NEW on swearnet.com: Doodle Dicker’d on Salvia

Doodle smokes salvia

Well this has shitstorm written all over it!  On the latest episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, Doodle has a toke of the dirty ol salvia and attempts to go on a scooter romp.

How many laps around the farm will he complete?  Exactly how dicker’d will he get?  Will the scooter lift off into psychedelic outer fuckin space?!   Watch and find out!