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New at swearnet.com – Trailer Park Boys Podcast with Chris Hadfield!

On today’s out-of-this-fucking-world Trailer Park Boys Podcast, ace astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield talks to Ricky, Julian and a VERY excited Bubbles about floating in space, the hunt for aliens, and flying an F-18 fighter jet like a badass! He also reveals if the Earth is flat! And will NASA call with a mission for Bubbles? Watch the podcast now!




New on swearnet.com – It’s Raining Horse Cocks

The rain is falling heavy in Sunnyvale and the Boys don’t give a fuck on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.  In fact, it gets them in a singing mood, and they see how many rain-related songs they can rhyme off.  That’s not the only musical segment in the show — Ricky breaks out Achy Breaky Heart after reminiscing his greasy mullet and line dancing phase.

Ricky gets learnt on a few spelling fundamentals, as he discovers the phucked phonetics of the letter “Q” – his mind is fucking blown that it can be found in words such as “liquor” and “conquer.”

Bubbles doesn’t stop there – he debuts a segment that he is working on called Blowing Ricky’s Mind and gets into some straight-up crazy spacey shit that does indeed blow Ricky’s mind.

PLUS: Julian reveals who he would bring with him on a trip to an alien planet… and it’s not Bubbles!

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