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New at swearnet.com – Matty and Randy Make a Cheeseburger

Matty Matheson and Randy make a cheeseburger!

Who the fuck’s hungry?!! We’ve got a real treat for you at SwearNet today – check out the ultimate cheeseburger cookery class with celebrity chef Matty Matheson and Randy! Matty can’t wait to cook rappie pie for the Boys, but Randy has other ideas. So Matty demonstrates how to make the perfect cheeseburger… with super sex sauce!!

New at swearnet: Offworld Cookery’s ancient shit soup

Offworld Cookery shit soup at swearnet.comIt’s the final episode in the first FUCKED season of Offworld Cookery at SwearNet! This week: feast like a fucking barbarian in Ancient Britain, and learn how to make goat leg stew and shit soup. Yum fucking yum!

What culinary crap would you like to see the Offworld Cookery morons attempt to make in future episodes? Let us know!