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New at swearnet.com: Holy fuck, it’s the Offworld Cookery special!

Offworld Cookery at SwearNetPraise be, we have a special Offworld Cookery episode for you – and this one is FUCKED!!! This week, Jesus Christ Himself (or it might be Chico in a shit wig) cooks a heavenly feast with the aid of holy wine, a burning bush, and a traditional Roman dick spoon!

If you pray hard enough to God/Jesus/Santa, there might be more Offworld Cookery adventures coming to swearnet.com in the future….

New at swearnet.com: Offworld Cookery’s cheeseburger fuckery

Offworld Cookery 4th of July at swearnet.comThere’s greasy cheeseburger love-in at SwearNet today! In the latest episode of Offworld Cookery, English tossers Chico and Paul attempt to cook a fucking magical 4th of July feast. Expect liquor, blood, and lots of SHIT mustard….

Are there any outdoor foods you’d like to see the boys try not to fuck up? Let us know!

New at swearnet.com: Offworld Cookery comes to SwearNet!

Hawiian Style_splash07

Forget Jamie Oliver, Nigella and those other culinary cocktarts – SwearNet is proud to present Offworld Cookery, a tragic (and hilarious) outdoor food spasm following a group of inebriated Northern English morons, and their attempts at cooking three-course meals in the wilderness.

In Episode One shivering shits Chico and Paul grapple with hot pork and mackerel to create a Hawaiian feast on the not-remotely-fucking-tropical Scottish island of Rum. The first episode is FREE to watch, so check it out now!