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Trailer Park Boys Podcast “Hungry Birds” now on YouTube

Trailer Park Boys Podcast archive videos are now available on our YouTube channel!

Check out the second episode of the podcast, where Ricky, Julian and Bubbles bicker over hosting duties, and discuss the latest greasy entertainment news.

SwearNet subscribers get to see new all-new video podcasts every week, so join up and treat yourself to some hilarious entertainment for the holidays. After all, it’s nearly fuckin’ Christmas and you DESERVE IT!

New at swearnet.com: Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky

Getting Learnt With Ricky at swearnet.comWe’re pleased as fuck to present our new swearnet.com show, Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky!

Join Ricky in the SwearNet tool shop for handy tips, awesome life hacks, and other shit that you can get learnt by. In Episode One, Ricky shows you how to make a perfect grilled cheese sammich that doesn’t taste like shit.

And you can watch it now for FREE!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast now on iTunes!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast on iTunes

It’s HERE!!! The Trailer Park Boys podcast is now available FREE on iTunes. Go here to download it now:  https://itunes.apple.com/…/p…/trailer-park-boys/id1028550712

Don’t have iTunes? No fucking problem! We have a .wav version of the podcast available at http://tpbpodcast.libsyn.com/

AND you can also subscribe to swearnet.com to watch the video version!

Watch out for a new episode on Friday.

Free Trailer Park Boys card game – download now!

Trailer Park Boys free card game

Hey folks, we want to give you all something FREE for being the best fucking fans in the world. And no, this isn’t some fucked-up April Fools joke!

WORST CASE ONTARIO is an awesome free game from our friends at High Roller Games. You can download it NOW at www.trailerparkboyscardgames.com

Enjoy, and be sure to check out their other TPB games too!