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Trailer Park Boys Season 11 On Set – Ask Bubbles Fucking Anything!

Bubbles on the set of TPB11!

Ask Me Fucking Anything is BACK!!!

Is there something you’d love to know about Bubbles? Wanna know about his latest kitties, his favourite liquor, latest trends in the shopping cart world, or something greee-eeeasy? Post a question for Bubbles here, and he may answer it in an upcoming TPB11 On Set at swearnet.com!



Trailer Park Boys Season 11 begins production!

Bubbles feeds his kitty on the set of TPB11!

It’s that time of year again – the camera crews are back at Sunnyvale Trailer Park! We can’t fucking wait to see what Ricky, Bubbles, Lahey, Randy and the other residents are up to this year… and where in the flyin’ fuck is our beloved Julian?

Watch out for more behind-the-scenes videos exclusively at swearnet.com in the coming days! We’ll also be sharing photos and vids from the set on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (follow TPBofficial for all the latest greasy snaps!)

Announcing the Jim Lahey Show & Randy Podcast!

The Jim Lahey Show & Randy PodcastTa-daaaa! The Jim Lahey Show & Randy is now available as a podcast!

Pour a lil’ drinkypoo and join Lahey and Randy for chat, cookery, special guests and more as they blunder their way through the funniest and most dysfunctional podcast on air!


Or listen and share it here: https://lrspodcast.libsyn.com

New at swearnet.com: The Jim Lahey Show and Randy

Jim Lahey Show and Randy at SwearNet

Ta-daaaa! Jim Lahey and Randy have their own show on SwearNet!

Episode 1 starts well, as Lahey plays Pick-a-Word, reads some shit-poetry, and argues with Randy about his shirt… but then the Liquor starts to call the shots. Will the arrival of their special guest, actor and author Bill Carr, be able to put this shit-train back on the rails?