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New at swearnet.com: Mailbag – Holy Flying Fuck, Boys

Mailbag with Robb Wells, JP Tremblay and Mike SmithNo SOTU this week, folks – unfortunately the winter shitstorm has dickered everyone over today! But we have been filming more Trailer Park Boys 8.5 and NEW episodes of Liquor Stories.

In the meantime here’s a new episode of Mailbag which includes a fucking awesome gift from “firecracker girl”… and another mystery package from Jeff’s shit closet!!

SwearNet: The Movie DVD now on sale!

SwearNet: The Movie now available on DVDIt’s the Guinness World Record-breaking comedy movie they didn’t want you to fucking see!

SwearNet: The Movie – the outrageous car racing, drug taking, BALLS-OUT comedy from the stars of Trailer Park Boys – is now available to pre-order from the official TPB Store, and will be unleashed on 23 December! BONUS: the first 200 DVDs sold will be autographed by the Boys!

Find out what all the fucking fuss was about and order your copy today. We guarantee you’ll laugh your COCK off…

Swearnet D2_0214.nef