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New on swearnet.com – State of the Union for March 21st!

The Boys are tired on the couch

Vacations are supposed to be restful, right?  Well no matter how you relax, coming back to work always kicks the shit out of you.  The Boys are back from vacation after filming Out of the Park: USA, and they’re serving up another SWEARNET STATE OF THE UNION!

Robb is recovering from a very happy birthday yesterday, and Mike is doing his best “creepy Scottish puppet” routine to keep the mood (fucked) up.  The Boys serve up some updates on Out of the Park: USA, the mobile game, the Freedom 35 beer launch in Toronto, and last week’s podcast fuck-around, among other fuckin’ news.

Trailer Park Boys mobile game is coming!

Trailer Park Boys mobile game app for iOS and AndroidHey folks, we’ve got some DEEECENT news for you! We’ve partnered with the amazing East Side Games (of Pot Farm fame) to make a new Trailer Park Boys mobile game for iOS and Android!

The game will be launched Spring 2016, and you can get exclusive news about the release by signing up at www.eastsidegames.com/tpbgame now!

You awesome fans have been requesting a TPB game for a while, so we know you’ll be pleased as fuck. We can’t wait to launch this next year!