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New at swearnet.com – Mailbag Parcel for Muscle Dummy!

Mailbag at SwearNet with Robb, JP and Mike

Getting free shit is so much fucking fun, YEAH!! What’s in the Mailbag this week? Mike shows off his mastery of the Polish language, Robb gets some awesome new shirts for Ricky, and JP unsheathes his mighty fucking sword for a mouldy parcel from Idaho!

Wanna send something into Mailbag (apart from shitty old potatoes)? Send it to:

Attn: Mailbag
Swearnet.com Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
Dartmouth NS B3B 1X2

We receive a cockload of goodies for Mailbag so please be patient! If the package contains food please indicate it on the package, we don’t want any studio kitties getting the shits from dirty old garbage juice!