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New at swearnet.com – Something Ate A Baby Horse And It’s No Longer Around


On today’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast: The Boys answer some of the facked questions you sent in to coryrandytreverson@gmail.com. Did YOUR question make the podcast this week? Also: Julian gives advice on how to deal with a ghost, and Ricky shows off his new gift from Bubbles – a bag scrubber!
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Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Sex Ghosts


The latest ghost-fucking edition of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast is now available for fucking free on iTunes and Libsyn!

After reading stories about ghosts that have allegedly banged humans (including Bobby Brown), Ricky is convinced it is a real thing.  Julian agrees, but Bubbles tells them both to fuck off and challenges any ghost of any gender and any sexual orientation to come into his shed and have their way with him.

The Boys celebrate Stompin’ Tom Connors‘ birthday and Ricky offers his own interpretation of some of Connors’ greatest hits.  Julian comes up with some more money-making opportunities, including Bubbles hacking the bank accounts of large oil companies.

PLUS: It’s a loser-takes-Randy-on-a-date edition of Jeopardy — stakes have never been this fucking high!

Episode 83 is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com and April FUCKIN Wine!

New on swearnet.com – Do Ghosts Exist, and Do They Bang People?


The Boys (well, Ricky and his blowtorch) kick of March, the “month of fire”, with a supernatural episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.

After somehow stumbling into a conversation about “sex ghosts” that bang humans, Bubbles skeptically invites any ghost of any gender and any sexual orientation to come into his shed at night and bang him.  This, despite clear evidence from Ricky and Julian that sex ghosts are real (including a real-life story about Bobby Brown banging a ghost).

The Boys also celebrate the birthday of Stompin’ Tom Connors, try to figure out the best ways to remove dead cockroaches from one’s ear, and question whether or not Bubbles has the hacking skills to fuck over the bank accounts of major oil companies.

PLUS: Ricky and Julian dust off their Jeopardy buzzers and have an epic showdown in a category they love: LIQUOR!  Stakes are high — the loser must take Randy out to dinner!

Episode 83 is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com and APRIL fuckin’ WINE!