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NEW on swearnet.com: Bubbles Is Replaced by Fucking Lahey??

Lahey joins Ricky and Julian for a podcast

Jim Lahey is drunk, on drugs, and he’s joining the podcast!  With Bubbles away on a hot date, Julian is in charge, and he’s pumped.  But Bubbles’ secret replacement turns out to be the drunk shit hawk of Sunnyvale, and he’s already two weed brownies and a bottle of miscellaneous liquor deep, before the show even fucking starts.

Listen to a rousing conversation about the drug/liquor schedule of Hunter S. Thompson, the friendly feeling that Liquormen’s whisky gives you, and learn the traumatic childhood event that caused Randy to be forever shirtless.

Plus – will Ricky and Julian return the favour by appearing on The Jim Lahey Show and Randy?

This episode is brought to you by (the less-fuckily titled) TrailerParkBoysMerch.com and Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.