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St. Green Bastard’s Day Contest!

Bubbles dressed in his Green Bastard costume

Celebrate the patron saint of PARTS UNKNOWN by dressing up like the Green Bastard this March 17th, or as we like to call it, St. Green Bastard’s Day!

Submit a photo of your Green Bastard outfit (head-to-toe full-bastard or even just a mask or GB t-shirt), and you’ll be entered into a random draw to win a Liquormen’s t-shirt.  Because you KNOW that Liquormen’s is the official whisky of St. Green Bastard’s Day!

Click here to enter the contest!

New on swearnet.com – How the Fuck to Make Swish

Bubbles and Julian explain how to make swish

Season Two of Dear Julian has been featuring some DECENT guests, none more decent than one of Julian’s best friends on the planet, Bubbles!

On today’s episode, Julian and Bubbles answer fan questions on a number of fucked topics, including the origins of the Green Bastard, how to rip off EI (Employment Insurance, or pogey to most), and the Boys share some stories about Randy as a young dickhead.  You’ll also get a detailed set of instructions for making DIRTY OLD SWISH.

Plus: Ever wonder where Bubbles gets all of his fucking amazing shirts?  Watch this episode to find out!

Now on iTunes & Libsyn – Olympic Wrestler Korey Jarvis Joins the Podcash!

Korey Jarvis is playing Sunnyvale Family Feud

Korey Jarvis might be comfortable on the wrestling mat, but now he has to try to pin Ricky and Julian in a game of Sunnyvale Family Feud!

The Olympic wrestler and Commonwealth champion joins the Boys for a podcast – now available for fucking free on iTunes and Libsyn!  Hear some stories about the dirty smelly fuckers he’s had to wrestle, the likelihood of catching an elbow in the wiener while wrestling, and some of the crazy partying that goes on in the Olympic Village!

And Julian has news for him – if he ever wants to join the UFC, he’s got a big sexy manager who will get him a great offer!

Episode 58 is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!

New on sweartnet.com – The Green Bastard vs Korey Jarvis?

Olympic wrestler Korey Jarvis talks to Julian

Canadian Olympic wrestler Korey Jarvis is in the trailer, and he’s looking to suplex the rest of the Boys in a game of Sunnyvale Family Feud!

On the 58th episode of The Trailer Park Boys Podcast, the Boys welcome the samsquamptch-esque Jarvis as he shares stories about the greasy business that can go on in a wrestling match, the stinkiest fucker he’s ever wrestled, and whether or not he’d like to try UFC.  But his biggest challenge might come in the form of the GREEN BASTARD — who would win that shit show?

Plus – Ricky hosts a game of HANDSOME, HOT, OR NOT!

This episode is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!


Uncanny Avengers, Sunnyvale Style

Holy flying fuck, boys! Marvel’s new Uncanny Avengers comic launches this week, and it includes two very familiar faces…


Uncanny Avengers with Bubbles and Julian

Does this mean the Green Bastard (Parts Unknown) will soon be joining Captain America, Deadpool, Spider-Man, and the Human Torch to rid the universe of twiggy alien-looking cinnamon twist fuck chickens? We fucking hope so!

Uncanny Avengers Marvel #1 2015Thanks to Trailer Park Boys fan Josh Shua for the find!

Bubbles tears it up in Europe!

Bubbles has been busy as fuck during the European tour! While Ricky has spent his time chasing dope and Julian’s been on the hunt for ice, Bubbles has been participating in the Berlin Marathon – on inline skates! He fuckin’ crushed the race, apart from the horrendous pile-up he caused at the start. Fuck!

Bubbles competes in the Berlin Marathon

Bubbles on wheels!

And then, from Parts Unknown to Copenhagen, Denmark… The Green Bastard took to the ring to unload a few on some fuckin’ twiggy alien Danes!


Bubbles as the Green Bastard, Parts Unknown

Green Bastard, Parts Unknown

Bubbles and Julian also took Ricky to visit his “Disneyland” – the famous commune of Christiania, which has its very own Green Light District! Deeeecent!


Trailer Park Boys in Christiania, Denmark

Where there is weed, there is Ricky

Next stop on the tour, Sweden and Finland!