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New on swearnet.com – Dirty Whore Weather

Our climate is fucked, and there’s only one man who is fucked enough to deal with it: Pat Fuckin’ Roach!  On the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show, Pat gets back to his old stompin’ grounds and shows us why he’s the best weatherman to ever hit SwearNet!

Pat measures the rainfall with a bucket, shot guns a couple Freedom 35s, and takes a fucked drive through a shitty January rainstorm.

New on swearnet.com – Menu Tasting, Part Fucking 2

The Boys taste test new menu items for their restaurant

Despite some pretty fucking severe protest, Mike manages to drag Robb and JP out of the writing room and into a test kitchen on this week’s episode of The Real Fucking Reality Show.

On last week’s episode, Mike revealed that he and the Boys purchased the legendary Halifax hang-out known as the Economy Shoe Shop.  Unfortunately, the timing absolute dog shit because they are under the gun to finish writing Trailer Park Boys Season 12 and they don’t exactly have time to be fucking around with a restaurant.

This week, Boys go to a test kitchen so that they can try every single fucking thing on the 45-item menu. Good news, the feedback is positive!

New on swearnet.com – If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

Ricky describes what he would do if he was a sting ray

Cover your chair in bubble wrap, sit back, and enjoy the latest episode of the award-winning Trailer Park Boys Podcast, only on SwearNet.com!

It’s been 13 years since Ken Jennings began his legendary Jeopardy! winning streak, and Bubbles has dug up the original set of questions from the June 2, 2004 episode to see if Ricky and Julian can go toe-to-toe with Jennings!

They also celebrate the anniversary of the 1875 event in which Alexander Graham Bell got the fuckin’ ball rolling on the telephone (an invention still used to this day), and Ricky also tips his hat to some macaroni fuck who had something to do with the radio.

The Boys discuss Halifax apology beers, Ferrari vending machines, and surgical whales.  PLUS: If you’ve ever wondered how Ricky would behave as a sting ray, you’re in fuckin’ luck!

This episode of the podcash is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!  Buy our shit!

New on swearnet.com – The Real Fucking Reality Show returns!

Mike annoys Robb and JP in the Writing Room

The Boys are under the fucking gun.  They’re way behind on writing Season 12, and they also have to take care of editing the next installment of Out of the Park.  Mike decides it’s the perfect time to revive The Real Fucking Reality Show!

In the midst of the massive mountain of shit that they need to take care of, the Boys also bought a restaurant!  Renovations are currently underway at the Economy Shoe Shop, a legendary downtown Halifax hangout.  The Boys plan to put a fresh coat of paint on the place (literally) and revamp the menu.

On this episode of The Real Fucking Reality Show, Mike tells Robb and JP that their new chef has prepared samples from the new menu and the Boys have to go do a tasting.  Robb and JP are fucking pissed that they have to do this in the middle of a tense pre-production period for Season 12, and they’re extra fucking pissed that Mike is filming it!

New on swearnet.com – The Liquor has Returned!

Lahey puts his feet up and enjoys some VAT 69

The liquor shall not sleep, the liquor shall not rest in peace, the liquor shall return!

Liquor Stories with James Lahey returns for a second season, with Mr. Lahey dedicating the first episode to a sippy-poo that is very symbolic of the upper-classity, VAT 69.

Lahey, coming to us from his recently renogulated set, takes a trip down memory lane to New York City in 1984, and the Halifax Harbour in the 1970s, and shares some of the important moments in his life that involved VAT 69.

Hot summer days, drug busts, biker gangs, and sexy Scottish men are all part of VAT 69’s Liquor Story!

New on swearnet.com – State of the Fuckin Union!


J.P., Robb, and Mike are back with another SwearNet State of the Union!

The Boys are gearing up for a DECENT concert tonight in their backyard of Halifax, Nova Scotia, as Jordon John takes the stage.  We’re not sure if Mike is joining him or not, but if he is, it’ll be trouble because he’s already into the sauce.

Hear updates on the European tour, TPB merch, and the “musical branch” of SwearNet.

PLUS: Some crazy mother fucker made J.P. mad, and it was a BAD idea.

New on swearnet.com – Taking It to the Fucking Streets


Mike fuckin Smith cooked up a brilliant idea for the latest episode of Cheap Smokes.

In the interest of healthy cocksucking fucking competition, he challenged Kaitlin and Laura to go down to the Halifax waterfront and order food while trying to slip as many fucking swear words into their conversations as possible.

Who will curse the most?  Will the grumpy old man tell Kaitlin to watch her fucking mouth?  Will the fish and chips girls call the cocksucking police?  Find the fuck out!

New on iTunes and Libsyn – The Jim Lahey Show and Randy, Episode 6!

Randy, Bobby Mac, and Jim Lahey

Sweet, sweet audio for your ears’ shit canal!  Episode 6 – “Hello, Young Lovers” of The Jim Lahey Show and Randy is now available on iTunes and Libsyn!

In this episode, a low-pressure shit vacuum pulls Halifax radio personality Bobby Mac straight onto the couch with Lahey and Randy.  Bobby tries some of Randy’s greasy French toast and offers a lesson on radio voice-overs.

This is a great opportunity to listen to SwearNet’s drunkest podcast on the go!  Tell your cheap fucking non-subscribing friends to sample SwearNet with this podcast, and while you’re at it, rate Lahey and Randy on iTunes and tell those Apple dicks how much you love them!