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New on swearnet.com – Merry Fucking Christmas


Nothing wrong with a coupla rum and cokes around Christmas time!  Julian is feeling festive, so he decorated the set and he’s taking on some holiday-themed questions on the latest Dear Julian!

Whether it’s dealing with the shit show otherwise known as Christmas time at the mall, budgeting out your liquor money vs your gift money (Trailer Park Boys merchandise is always a GREAT fucking gift), or handling the holidays without family, Julian has you covered!

Remember to tune in again next week when Julian tackles the rest of your holiday problems!

Holiday Questions, Let’s Go!

Get Julian's advice!

Christmas should be about getting drunk and stoned with the people you love, but we all know how fucking stressful the holidays can get!

In the coming weeks, Julian will be mixing himself a Christmastime rum and coke and answering your questions about the holidays – don’t know how to cook a fucking turkey?  Mother-in-law a total bitch?  Spent all your gift money on liquor?

Write your Christmas holiday questions to Dear Julian in the comment section below and let your stress melt away!  Or don’t, he really doesn’t give a fuck.