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New on swearnet.com – Explorers

The Offworld Cookery dicks are exploring barren terrain

Three brave men (only men, unfortunately no women involved) bravely take to the ACTUAL barren terrain of Antarctica in this harrowing episode of Offworld Cookery.

This vicious expedition tests the limits of Captain Scott and his band of merry masturbating men, as they endure harsh cold, shitty powdered food, and far too many horse-related meals.  And a little game of backgammon, just for the fuck of it.

Will they survive the elements?  Or will their weird fucking mountain food kill them?  Can one die of over-feeding the geese?!

New on swearnet.com – What the Fuck Happened Last Week?!

Ricky thinks the animatronic horse is at least a little bit alive

Well, St. Patrick fucked the Boys hard, and on this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, the Boys try to piece together what the fuck happened last week.

In an attempt to get last week’s podcash out of the way early, the Boys tried filming it early in the morning before the camera dicks arrived at SwearNet studio.  Unfortunately, Ricky’s special “St. Patrick’s Day” dope sent the Boys down a rabbit hole that ended up fucking over the weekly podcash streak, and somehow resulted in Ricky and Bubbles in the fuckin’ Bahamas.  Julian was spotted going to the gym with some strong young men, but he denies that accusation.

Beyond trying to figure out what the fuck happened last week, the Boys also chat about March 24th borntdays, money making schemes, and Ricky explains his theory about the creation of yoghurt, cheese, and butter.

PLUS: Are meteorites harder than diamonds?

This week’s episode of the podcash is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!