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Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Johnny Reid Fires it up!


DECENT musician Johnny Reid joins the Boys on the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available for fucking free on iTunes and Libsyn!

Johnny talks with the Boys about the language differences he encountered when he moved to Canada from Scotland, and he mentions “Lick a Chick” – a Canadian restaurant with an absolutely fucked name.

The guitar comes out (along with Bubbles’ ukulele) as Johnny plays the tune that he wrote that eventually because a huge fucking hit for the legendary Joe Cocker.

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The audio podcash is free, but if you want to see it in its full video glory, head to SwearNet.com right now, you cheap fucker!

New on swearnet.com – Johnny Reid Joins the Podcash!


Scottish-Canadian-Nashvillian Johnny Reid sits down with the Boys on the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast!

Johnny is a DECENT musician and an equally fantastic fucking storyteller.  Learn about his struggles growing up in Canada with a Scottish accent and vocabulary (why the fuck did he ask his teacher for a rubber?!).  He also chats about a song he wrote that the legendary Joe Cocker loved and made one of his own!  He busts out the guitar and plays a bit of it, and Bubbles joins him on the ukulele.

Plus – what the fuck is “Lick a Chick”?!

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