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New on swearnet.com – Kitties in Space


Playing space is always more fun when you’re drunk, high, feline, and animated!  On this episode of Trailer Park Cats, the kitties bust out their space talk and head out to the final frontier, hopefully acquiring some fucking space weed along the way.

But nothing comes easy for the Trailer Park Cats, especially with a drunk trailer park supervisor kitty and his DICK weekend supervisor sidekick.  Will Shitcat and Shitcat Jr. cock over the good times, or will the rocket take flight?  Find out!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 12 now available on iTunes

Trailer Park Boys Podcast on iTunesThe Boys are back for another Trailer Park Boys Podcast! They discuss ships bigger than Juniper, corn slaves, kangaroo vaginas, and why Ricky would cut a deal with Cheese Aliens!

Listen to Ricky’s fucked “facts” at iTunes and at tpbpodcast.libsyn.com; the video version is available at SwearNet!

Episode 12 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.