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Now on swearnet.com: Surprised Ya!

A robbery at a car rental store

Poor Ashley.  Sometimes life can get stuck in a rut and you find yourself with very little to get excited about.  That was Ashley’s life, until a robber busted into her car rental shop with a gun!

Will Ashley step up and release her inner hero?  Will her life so from bland to BAAAAAM?!  Or will some fucked up shit happen instead?

This is Cheap Smokes.  Our money is on “some fucked up shit”…

New on swearnet.com: The Morning Show Has Fallen to Shit

These girls are fucked

Fifty bucks.  That’s how much the operating budget was for The Morning Show, which eventually changed to Top of the Afternoon to You!, because the girls couldn’t get out of fucking bed on time.

That fifty bucks is all gone now, and then some, and the show has crumbled to Top O’ the After-Oon to Ya!, because the goddamn cheap letters keep falling off the wall.

But the ladies are in luck – they have enough MOM WINE (now with tequila) to drink away their sorrows in style.  Plus – we get a fashion tutorial on zombie makeup, and a stoned review of Deep Throat!

New on swearnet.com: A Day in the Life of Jean Marie

Greasy SwearNet janitor Jean Marie

She claims she’s a janitor and she claims she’s banged nearly every staff member at SwearNet studios — and in the newest episode of Cheap Smokes, you get to witness a day in the fucked up life of Jean Marie!

When we first met Jean Marie back in January, it was just the appetizer.  Get ready for the full-fucking-course meal, because Jean Marie paid Cheap Smoke’s Laura $250 to film Jean Marie’s life, and it’s a horror story.

Jean Marie takes you on a tour of SwearNet studios, with cameos from the Boys, Preston, Chipper (stoned as FUCK), and many more SwearDicks.

But… aside from trying to blow everybody, what does Jean Marie actually do at SwearNet?!

NEW on swearnet.com: Continuity Errors

Laura checks her phone

The dynamic duo of Cheap Smokes is coming apart at the seams when Kaitlin discovers that Laura has been secretly been planning to move to another city.  But will the girls let a few (or a fuck load) of little differences get in the way of a great friendship?

DRINKING GAME:  Take a shot for every cock you see in this 1:52 sketch, and you’re guaranteed to get 10/10 Lahey drunk.

New at swearnet.com: The… Afternoon Show

Laura and Kaitlin demoted to the basement

Well, mornings can be difficult when you’re a couple of shit storm alcoholic TV hosts.  Demoted to the afternoon slot, and the frigid basement, Kaitlin and Laura bring us Top o’ the Afternoon to Ya.  Laura learns how to dress for her body type, Kaitlin gets pranked behind the wheel, and the ladies struggle to give a stoned movie review of Psycho.

All brought to you by No Name Airlines, crashing into a field near you!

Not long after this episode was posted, the girls did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit!  Have a look!

New at swearnet.com: Cheap Smokes head back to SwearNet

New Cheap Smokes comedy at SwearNetKaitlin and Laura are back at the SwearNet studio and are excited to make some daring new Cheap Smokes shows! We can’t wait to watch Flash Mob, Murder, and, erm… Road Kill? And if things get fucked up, Preston can deal with it.

Wanna see more drunken Morning Show, ditzy-titzy Jean-Marie, or hungover sexy Donald Trump? Let us know your favourite Cheap Smokes characters!