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New at swearnet.com – What in the Fuck is a Rappie Pie?!

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles join celebrity chef Matty Matheson to make a working man’s meal (and one of nanny’s fucking favourites), a delicious rappie pie! Just one thing… what in the fuck is rappie pie? Watch the full episode now at SwearNet.com!

Order Matty’s new book ‘Matty Matheson: A Cookbook’ HERE!

New at swearnet.com – Matty and Randy Make a Cheeseburger

Matty Matheson and Randy make a cheeseburger!

Who the fuck’s hungry?!! We’ve got a real treat for you at SwearNet today – check out the ultimate cheeseburger cookery class with celebrity chef Matty Matheson and Randy! Matty can’t wait to cook rappie pie for the Boys, but Randy has other ideas. So Matty demonstrates how to make the perfect cheeseburger… with super sex sauce!!

Chef Matty Matheson comes to SwearNet!



Make sure you tune into SwearNet.com on Wednesday, October 10 – top chef Matty Matheson heads to Sunnyvale to cook for the Trailer Park Boys! This week he’s gonna show you how to make the ultimate cheeseburger. Just one problem… his kitchen assistant is RANDY!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, Matty’s new book, ‘Matty Matheson: A Cookbook’ is out today!