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New on swearnet.com – How to Not Piss Yourself


There are no problems that a little bit of rum and coke can’t solve.

On the latest episode of Dear Julian, Julian answers questions as wide-ranging as dealing with shitty ex’s to investing in your own business to trying to cut back on pissing the bed.

If you have questions for Julian, leave those cocksuckers in the comments below and Julian may answer them on a future episode!  Or not, he really doesn’t give a fuck.

New at swearnet.com: TPB11 On Set Part 2 – Decent Idea

Bubbles has a DECENT business idea

The camera dicks just won’t leave Bubbles alone.  In his down time, Bubbles has been working on a DECENT business idea with three simple ingredients – a go-cart, a trailer, and fuckin’ Bubbles.  If it goes his way, he’ll have enough cash to buy his kitties the BEST cat food there is.  Just don’t tell anyone about it – including Ricky, Julian, or those Dragons’ Den dicks!