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Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Pecker vs Beaver

Bubbles flips off Julian

The Boys are playing a game of BUSH OR NO BUSH on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available on iTunes and Libsyn!  

After shouting out a happy borntday to a former Playboy playmate, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles try to guess whether or not David Duchovny has a bush, if he’s clean-shaven, or if perhaps he has some stubble happening.

And what about Cher?  Barbara Bush??  Bush or no bush?

The Boys chat about a woodpecker who recently made news by going ballistic on a utility pole.  This prompts Ricky to dream about the damage he could do as a furious woodpecker, with his sights set on the New York City electrical grid.  But would a beaver be better?  Perhaps it might — so long as its arsehole isn’t being harvested for cherry flavouring (you can thank Bubbles for that mental image).

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New on swearnet.com – The Liquor has Returned!

Lahey puts his feet up and enjoys some VAT 69

The liquor shall not sleep, the liquor shall not rest in peace, the liquor shall return!

Liquor Stories with James Lahey returns for a second season, with Mr. Lahey dedicating the first episode to a sippy-poo that is very symbolic of the upper-classity, VAT 69.

Lahey, coming to us from his recently renogulated set, takes a trip down memory lane to New York City in 1984, and the Halifax Harbour in the 1970s, and shares some of the important moments in his life that involved VAT 69.

Hot summer days, drug busts, biker gangs, and sexy Scottish men are all part of VAT 69’s Liquor Story!

New at swearnet.com: Podcast Episode 19 – Live from New York City

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.41.09 AMFrom Central Park, New York City, the 19th (or 8th or 11th, who fuckin’ knows) Trailer Park Boys Podcast!

This week’s topics including how to beat up Elmo, Gus the neurotic polar bear, “Tits & Grits”, and why Randy and Lahey stink! And where the frig do you find dope in the “Center of the Park”?

Watch it here on SwearNet, or listen to it FREE on iTunes and tpb.libsyn.com!

Episode 19 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky!