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New on swearnet.com: Pickles and Jelly try Horse Tranquilizer

Pickles and Jelly try horse tranqulizer

Silly scamps Pickles and Jelly sure are adventurous!  In this episode, they’re trying Special K, aka Ketamine, aka Horse Tranquilizer!

They also learn about the differences between photography and pornography, and sing the boner song!  Can the girls keep it together to sing the Drugs are Bad song when the kindergarteners show up?

Today’s episode is brought to you by the word of the day: LESBIANS!

New on swearnet.com: Pickles & Jelly Try Mushrooms!

Pickles, Jelly, and Hippie Ted trip out

Cheap Smokes is back with something for the kids… Pickles and Jelly are visited by their stinky friend Hippie Ted!  Pickles and Jelly love magic, and they’re in luck because Hippie Ted is going to send them off to imagination land with his magic mushrooms.  In an Arts and Farts and Crafts segment, Hippie Ted gives us the ins & outs of buying shrooms, eating them on pizza, and some advice on STAYING NORMAL – something ol’ Jelly could use!

PLUS: Two musical numbers!  The Masturbation Rap and Puppy Dog are a couple of tunes you won’t soon forget.